Apple’s iPhone 6 Unnecessary So Soon After iPhone 5

November 3, 2014 5:28 PM

“The new iPhone 6 is out!”, I’m sure most people around the world have been hearing this for the past couple months as the new iPhone 6 was released in late September of this year. I’m all for new technology, enhancing our mobility with phones which Apple clearly always does but my iPhone 5 is still perfectly fine.

iPhone 5c

The advertisements that have been targeting everyone across the world states that the phone is simply just “bigger” in everything that it does. “Bigger” when taking pictures, “bigger” in terms of hand size, “bigger” in terms of entertainment on the phone but my iPhone 5 still does more or less the exact tasks that the iPhone 6 does.

iPhones as we know are very prestigious, they are indeed smart phones and very fancy ones at that. No matter what iPhone you have, it is a success in terms of multi tasking. With emailing, taking HD quality pictures, messaging and watching for entertainment purposes just at the click of a button, no one with an iPhone is usually disappointed. Especially somebody like me with an iPhone 5.

iphone 5

Beach Photo Taken from my iPhone 5

Being able to use your phone efficiently is very imperative of course, in such a text savvy society and technologically advanced generation! This is why, people should not be pressured to purchase the next iPhone yet again, but settle and stay comfortable with their iPhone 5 they currently possess!

Having an active lifestyle normally is always a factor that you take into consideration with what phone you purchase, especially if you have to be doing many things at once. The iPhone 5 does all of that & more! It’s also the perfect fit, people often complain that other phones like the Samsung & new Nokia smart phones are too large in size and cannot fit anywhere where as this iPhone 5 will most definitely fit anywhere conveniently on your body, in a pocket or in your smallest handbag or pouch!

You are definitely guaranteed contentment with the iPhone 5, even though the battery may not be the longest lasting & that’s only if you’re constantly on your iPhone every minute of the day, the other features that are available definitely make up for that. With an exclusive and very filled iTunes store, you can search & purchase you favourite new song at a very low price.

iPhone 5 is also a brilliant outlet for the younger generation to express their creativity. After all, they are the future! The App Store, which comes installed into the iPhone has all you can imagine for developing and editing new pictures & videos to downloading different software for working and entertainment purposes.

iphone photo

Beach Landscape Picture Taken from my iPhone 5

Some people nowadays, still have the iPhone 4 that came out a couple of years ago and are perfectly happy with this also. This is proving my point exactly, the iPhones are not really that different in terms of content and what is actually on the device itself, it may just be little things such as picture taking quality and memory size. Stay with what you have now if it is doing what you need it to do! Apple has come out with iPhone 6 too early in my opinion, they should wait a while until we can find faults in the previous iPhones and most certainly the iPhone 5 before releasing this new smart phone.

As well as being able to take thousands of lovely edited and carefully grafted pictures, iPhone 5 will store them effortlessly for you!

I have had my iPhone 5 for almost a year now and it has never disappointed! Always working very smoothly, battery life good for the lifestyle I have, very speedy and sharp with any new apps or games I may download or something I purchase from the iTunes store. As productive and powerful as I need it to be! I at tented a friends wedding and documented the whole thing through a series of videos and pictures using my iPhone 5 & my cousin even stated “Shouldn’t have hired a professional photographer, you’ve got all of it right here”. iPhone 5 is fantastic!