Best Android Application For Linear Motion Control

November 15, 2015 12:11 PM

Progressive Automations, a linear actuators supplier, has introduced for Android devices a new linear actuator app. They refer to it as the cream of the crop and the next generation of engineering apps. Instead of purchasing add-ons and a ton of components, you can instead purchase the control box and download the app from Google Play.
Nearly all the control for a single application or project is featured in the app for up to four actuators including recordable presets, multiple actuator custom and control, time delay among others.
The application has an easy to use interface, easy setup and installation, a single unit with multiple functions and control right from your Android device. After setting up the controls, the rest of the app is easy to use and understand. Everything a user needs is right on their phone.
For its use, the Wi-Fi app is partnered with Progressive Automation’s PA-35 Wi-Fi Control Box. Found in the Control Box for snapping the wiring into place are its custom-designed connections. It is easy to get the box connected with a three light system. Indicated in the first light is power, the second indicates an outgoing signal and the third light indicates if you are getting a Wi-Fi signal. This makes it easy to troubleshoot and to know what is happening.

picture 1

Featured in the app is up to four recorded presets’ spots. When a user hits the record button, actuator motions are recorded, and the motions can be recreated by pushing a single button.
Someone once said that timing is everything hence timing is one of the biggest problems you can have with actuators. The movement of each actuator can be delayed by the app so hence actuators would move whenever you wanted them to. A delay time of up to 999 seconds (16.65 minutes) can be set for each actuator. In addition to this, actuators can be separately set and for best results, actuators can move at precise moments.
Say a user wants a television to pop out of a cabinet. Manual control of actuators with at least two different motions would be required to pull this off in traditional methods. One of the motion opens up the cabinet while the other lifts up the television. A single button can now be used to achieve this. This is the first actuator control of its kind.
Also available for each actuator is the is the multiple control functions. Switching can be done from non-momentary to momentary, or the control of one actuator be momentary and the other non-momentary. Actuators that are not in use can also be turned off.
Actuator control has been made easier by this application. Groupings of ones, twos, threes and fours can be done for each actuator, and this allows the user to while using the multiple actuator controls to create motion. A user can do anything they like. Two actuators can be controlled together and another separately, or a user can control three actuators and turn the fourth one off.

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Special customizations are made for manufacturers who are using actuators bought from Progressive Automations. Customization of the application’s interface can be done to reflect a certain company’s branding, and alternative features can also be offered.
You can find the Wi-Fi actuator app free of charge on Google Play