Future Technology To Drive Energy Sector

September 25, 2014 4:03 PM

A new video by energy company Shell with the tagline “The world needs more scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians” brings the future of the energy sector to the forefront of current energy debates. This last week has been very important for issues such as climate change and renewable energy. The UN as been debating how to further enforce green practises amongst its nations with speeches from the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio raising huge support for the cause. Likewise, the EU commission has launched a campaign to attempt to make the countries of Europe recycle their waste more efficiently and in doing so create economical benefits for themselves.

With all these changes coming about it is clear that the energy sector cannot afford to stay as reliant on oil and gas from foreign countries, often war zones, as it currently is. It is also clear that energy giants must find greener sources and must use more sustainable energy if they are to proceed with the support of governments and peoples across the world. Change is occurring, slowly, but it is nevertheless still occurring. The future may well lie in fields of solar panels, huge mechanisms in the sea utilising wave power or large wind farms stretching out before the eye on both land and sea. Alternatively, one of the young entrepreneurs that the video above refers to might find an easier, cleaner and even more sustainable form of energy and with the amount of money now being pumped into these initiatives, even by the oil giant Shell, it seems likely that eventually someone will stumble upon something fruitful.

renewable energy

But most of all, what has been made abundantly clear is that we now have the technology, the enthusiasm and above all the support to enable us to find future alternative methods of sustainable energy. We may not have succeeded yet but the great public mechanism driving the search for a green and clean energy source is only now beginning to take hold and surely, it is only a matter of time before it finds success.