Go Pro to release Drones

January 5, 2015 3:44 PM

This new year, we will be able to welcome in a new remote-controlled aircraft produced by Go-Pro, known as ‘Drones’ or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), according to the Wall Street Journal. As a top action filming Camera Company; Go-Pro has an extensive line of products that allow people to wear action cameras on helmets, on their bodies or even on a selfie-stick, at fairly reasonable consumer prices. Drones were originally used in the military and by the government but Go-Pro has a keen eye on making them more mainstream, their drone will cost from around b $500(£320) to $1,000(£642).

There are already drones that allow users to mount Go Pro cameras such as the Phantom 2 by industry leader DJI, But Go-pro is trying to preserve its lead in the video camera market, a move that will make the most of the quickly mounting market for Videography shot from the air; this will allow more Videographers to capture astounding perspectives, minus the Hollywood price tag.

Before running out and bagging yourself one, there a few things to consider, there are different rules and laws about the use of such devices depending on which country you are living in. In the US, the FAA ruled recently that drone use for business purposes will remain banned for the immediate future, but that hobbyist use is permissible for the moment.

“Users are advised to avoid noise sensitive areas such as parks, schools, hospitals, and churches. Hobbyists are advised not to fly in the vicinity of spectators until they are confident that the model aircraft has been flight tested and proven airworthy.”

And in the UK, Personal use of drones is governed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Air Navigation Regulations.

“It is illegal to fly your unmanned aircraft over a congested area(streets, towns and cities).Don’t fly your unmanned aircraft within 50m of a person, vehicle, building or structure, or overhead groups of people at any height”.