Hopes and Dreams for “Star Wars: Battlefront”

April 8, 2015 9:15 AM

star wars battlefront

“Star Wars”, the world that sparked our dreams and imagination, is unlike any other. Not only did it change cinema forever, but it has a legion of fans behind it that are both unrelentingly passionate and unforgiving at the same time. “Don’t mess with Star Wars” seems to be the mindset these days, especially after the prequels films. In saying that, one can argue the younger generation growing up today refer to the newer films as “their Star Wars”, so it’s all subjective.

This applies to all their products – from the films, to the toys and books, and yes, video games. So you can imagine the pressure on development company DICE when they undertook the challenge of rebooting the popular franchise (with the last AAA release way back in 2005). All those hardcore fans who grew up with the franchise, young and old, have hopes and dreams, visions of what this title may bring. Very little is known about this game so far – besides it being developed by the guys behind the “Battlefield” series, and that the game will take place from all six films (and most likely Episode VII), details are vague. Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is just around the corner, where fans from all around the world get together and geek-out about their favourite franchise. Naturally, big reveals happen at this expo as well, and it’s been confirmed that a proper reveal trailer will appear on April 17th. So what should we expect from Star Wars: Battlefront? We’re hoping to see quite a few things from DICE, let the dreams begin…

Gameplay Footage

We’ve seen glimpses of this game, but they were mere “in-engine” footage clips – quick glances of the game that actually don’t represent the final product. What all gamers worldwide want to see is actual gameplay – what you will be actually playing when you finally get your hands on the box. Ideally there will be a gameplay walkthrough, with commentary perhaps, but that would be an extended look at a game we’ve been anticipating for years. And in what perfect universe would that be? It’s unlikely, but one can hope.

Map Reveals

It’s been said that the the game will run through at least episodes I-VI, but what exactly will we see? Recreations of classic maps from the previous two games would be a treat for older fans, whilst reveals of Episode VII content, as small as it may be, would be a pleasant extra.

“The key thing for multiplayer map design is of course balance – gives us a chance, on both sides.”

Tatooine, Cloud City, Hoth (shown in the announcement trailer)…staples of the Star Wars universe, will be included of course. But will we see the X-Wing lake scene from “The Force Awakens” trailer as a possible map? What about the snow planet when the mysterious villain reveals his overly controversial lightsaber?

The key thing for multiplayer map design is of course balance – gives us a chance, on both sides. Let the Empire win on the Death Star map, let the Trade Federation win in the space fight for Naboo. Speaking of space – SPACE! Space maps were a big part of the second iteration in the series, and with next-gen tech, we can expect to see more ships on screen, more 1 v 1 battles happening simultaneously, and a level of depth that couldn’t be achieved on older hardware. Which leads us to…

star wars: battlefront

Presentation and Gameplay Mechanics

The movement and pacing of the previous games was fast and spectacular, throwing you right in to the action and living out the action of the movies. Naturally, ten years later will bring us gorgeous graphics, showing off these planets like we’ve never seen them before. A modern sound engine will also be part of the deal – say what you will about the clunky release of “Battlefield 4”, but DICE know how to generate great sounds and have incredible clarity to everything you hear. Every blaster, Tie Fighter, lightsaber and speeder bike you hear will be crystal clear, a treat for your ears.  Battles that begin on the ground can escalate up in to the atmosphere and beyond -hop in to an X-Wing and chase after that imperial with important stolen data! The technology today will allow DICE to simply have more things doing more complicated stuff all at the same time. Fly up through the atmosphere in your ship, to reveal a massive space battle happening independently from where you were down below just moments ago. 64 player count would be perfect for these types of scenarios.

“Keep the easy hop in/hop out vehicle mechanics, keep the fast shooter action.”

In terms of actual gameplay functionality – a refinement of what made the older games so great is first priority. Keep the easy hop in/hop out vehicle mechanics, keep the fast shooter action, and keep the heroes powerful, yet if ganged up upon, easily to take down. Each class had their own specialty, the old favourite being the trooper class with jet-pack abilities. All these things is what made the game so enjoyable, so sticking to these core mechanics is pivotal. Most online shooters have upgrade options for your characters now, so this is also expected. Just don’t give us a flying Jar-Jar Binks with a purple lightsaber, and the fans won’t kill you DICE. Take note.

Star Wars: Battlefront – A Fully Fledged Campaign

Lastly, what about a campaign that takes us through all the films, but with all the bells and whistles of today? One might argue that any effort in to single player is pointless, but what if DICE gave you incentive to try the solo outing? The campaign could have exclusive content and levels that can only really happen in a single player context. Give us the greatest lightsaber battles of each film, give us the fast paced chase through Coruscant from Episode II, and maybe, just maybe, a level where one plays the romantic life of Lando Calrissian on Cloud City.

Okay, jokes aside, the potential to live the greatest moments from Episodes I-VI in a more story driven fashion (rather than just dumping you on a map and giving you a nudge) is incredible. Our hopes and dreams of truly living the movies from beginning to end could be fulfilled. Sure this hope may be just a fools hope, but you can’t deny the potential for a true fully fledged campaign, that has all the greatest story moments of the saga interwoven together for a grand adventure.

So what do you think? What would you like to see? Later this month we’ll finally see if any of these dreams are fulfilled, and whether or not the fans will scream with joy, or want to jump in to a sarclacc pit in disappointment. Keep your eyes peeled on April 17th, and feel free to share your hopes and dreams for “Star Wars: Battlefront” in the comments section below!