Rainbow Six Team Launch “Behind the Wall” Blog Series

October 25, 2014 11:00 AM

Rainbow Six SiegeWell, it’s been 7 years since the last Rainbow Six instalment. We were teased with offerings of Rainbow Six Patriots in 2011. Then we were forced to wait years for any kind of development announcements or new demos. Alas, they never arrived and the title was cancelled in 2014. Now, they’re back and it seems they’re here to stay with the latest title in the works. Due to arrive sometime in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege is the next game in the pipeline for Tom Clancy fans and the demo excited us all at E3 2014 and won Game of Show recognition. But what if this game disappears like Patriots did? Well, the development team have made it very clear that that will not happen. How clear? So clear that they are giving us eager and desperate fans a ‘behind the wall’ blog that offers a detailed and up to date look at how the game is coming along and how certain decisions were made.

“Rainbow Six is a hallowed franchise”

“We know you’ve been waiting a while for the next instalment, and we’re proud to make the initial breach through the wall to give you a closer look” say the developers in their opening blog entry. They go on to explain that this is a weekly content series and will allow us access to exclusive content and materials including concept art and interviews with key team members. This Behind the Wall inclusion of fans in the creative process is a really nice touch from the Rainbow Six developers. It shows that they respect Rainbow Six as a “hallowed franchise” and that it has a very loyal and eager fan base.

And what makes it even greater is their very explicit reasons behind it. “This initiative is important to us for a couple of reasons” they tell us. “First, we want you to know that we are here and working steadily on this game, and we’re not going anywhere. […] We hope you’ll come away from this content series knowing that your game is in good hands.” After waiting so many years for this game, it’s comforting to know that the developers are very aware we have waited patiently and that they are taking the time to make sure this next game has really been worth the wait.

Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Siege Hostage Rescue Game Mode

Their second reason, though, is even more interesting. The team have created a subreddit for blog-readers to discuss the content of the blog. “We want you to be part of the process” they say. “There are still many decisions yet to be made and your feedback and insight helps lead us in the right direction. We may not be able to meet specific requests or feature ideas, but rest assured that we will be paying attention and that your voice matters. We’re making it for you, after all (well, and for us to play too).”

Ok so not only will fans be kept in the loop as to the progress being made but we will also be given the opportunity to contribute our own input and opinions to the team via Reddit. It’s an exciting concept and one that we can’t wait to be a part of, especially as the game is already looking so promising.

So it looks like Rainbow Six fans can sleep soundly in their beds with the comfort of knowing the game is in very safe hands indeed. The Ubisoft team, based in the Montreal division, are proving that they are dedicated to honouring the legacy of Tom Clancy games and delivering a title that not only stays true to the franchise but also revitalises it with the tense and tactical gameplay that made the series as popular as it is.

To read their first entry about One Life and why they decided to embed the No Respawn rule into the heart of the game click here to visit the blog for yourself. Can’t wait for the game? Check out the trailer below!