Shell Plans To Return To The Arctic

September 3, 2014 9:15 AM

Shell is one of the largest oil companies in the world and as such they play a huge part in paving the way for the future of the world’s energy sector. They’ve recently submitted plans to the federal government showcasing their desire to go back into the Arctic waters off the coast of Alaska. Shell maintain that the time is right and that they have the capable technology to be able to deal with the well documented severe weather conditions and Arctic storms.

This news comes as Shell have actively gone out to expand their workforce recruiting enthusiastic and able young graduate engineers who might pave the way for future development in the Arctic waters. In the above video, a young recruit can be seen singing the praises of working at Shell even informing us that she received a raise after just three months of working for the energy corporation. Whilst it is common knowledge that working for oil companies, especially as an engineer can be extremely hard and tiring work, there is also no doubt that the financial and personal rewards are also extremely high.

shell arctic drillShell is determined to make this new adventure a successful one but if they do receive permission from the American government, the question remains; will they have the ability to drill into the deeper layers under the water where the really lucrative amounts of oil are (some 400,000 bpd from just two drills) and is their technology sophisticated enough to be able to deal with the harsh weather conditions and violent storms that the Arctic is famous for? Practise tests and in depth planning, much of which is thanks to the new graduates working with Shell as a result of their latest recruitment policies, seems to suggest that this time they might be in luck.