The Raptor – Faster Than Usain Bolt

June 5, 2014 4:32 AM

The Raptor, a two-legged created by the team at KAIST has blades for feet like amputees, and a tail for balance. The design based on the velociraptor dinosaur, giving the Raptor speeds up to 25.58 mph, making it faster than Usain Bolt, who recorded 27.44mph.

While it may be faster than Bolt, the Raptor is not the fastest in the world. Beating out the Raptor, the four-legged robot, the Boston Dynamics Cheetah is the fastest on four legs. The Raptor is still the fastest on two feet, using one motor per limb and an Achilles tendon system for shock absorption, just like humans. The robot made of lightweight material weighs about 12 kg, and can run on a treadmill for now. The team at KAIST plans to redesign parts of the robot to make it run on other surfaces in future.