Top 5 Elite iPhone Cases To Protect Your Phone

March 2, 2015 1:24 PM

Dropping an iPhone is the stuff that nightmares are made of. This phone is expensive; it is sleek and efficient. It is stylishly seductive and will draw second glances. It is often described as a success symbol in one’s career. It is well-built and as all delicate things go, it is extremely fragile. So what happens when someone drops the iPhone? It simply loses its value.

iphone cases

Does this happen a lot? You need one of these elite iphone cases


Dropping is the worst case scenario. If your iPhone is not properly guarded, the screen will eventually start sporting scratches, oil smears, and dirt. That is not how an iPhone is supposed to be treated. It should be kept properly in a snug fitting case. There should be an adequate screen protector that would help the gadget retain functionality in all its iPhone parts. But not all cases are strong enough to protect the phone. Here is a list of the most elite iPhone cases that will not only protect the phone but also complement its look in the coolest ways possible:

  1. The EXOVault EXO23 Black aluminium Louro Preto: This is a classic case that actually heightens the overall look of the iPhone. The structure of the case is made of black anodized aluminium which offers a lot of strength and durability that assures to protect the phone from getting damaged. It features veneer inserts that give a beautiful organic look to the package. The aluminium in the case ensures that it retains its lightweight feature, making it ultra portable in the process.
  2. Speck Candyshell Grip: This beautiful double-layered case comes in various candy colours with a raised bezel on the front to protect the screen. Many users often get their iPhone screen cracked because they have butterfingers. This case offers a unique feature that is hard to find anywhere else. There are raised rubber ridges on the back of the case, which makes it easier for the users to hold onto the phone with their hands without dropping.
  3. Urban Armor Gear Folio: This uber functional case is perfect to protect the iPhone from water splashes. It is a lightweight strong case that is made of a special material which makes it resistant to water. This way if you manage to drop your iPhone in water, it will still work.
  4. Trident Kraken A.M.S Case: This is definitely an eye-catcher for its hefty build. However, its appearance can be fooling. Even though it is hard polycarbonate shell, it does not sport a lot of weight. It has shock absorbent layers which keep the dirt away from the iPhone screen and is even weather resistant. The best part of this deal is that the case material is totally degradable and can be recycled, thus making it super environment friendly.
  5. Apple’s iPhone cases: Even though this might sound rudimentary, Apple’s own line of iPhone cases are made to fit the exterior perfectly while providing maximum protection to the gadget. The case has soft microfibre lining on the inside which prevents the screen from getting scratched.

Despite all precautionary measures if your iPhone screen gets cracked, the first thing you need to check is whether you still have first year’s warranty. However there is a catch. Apple’s first year warranty does not cover accidental damages, which means that you still have to shell out about $100-$130 to repair your screen according to iPhone Doctor while in UK you shall pay around £30 for new screen. But it is necessary to see what type of crack it is. If it is a hairline crack Apple store will consider that as a defect of the glass itself and will send it for iPhone screen replacement.

With Apple products, it is usually about prevention being better than cure. Buy one of the most elite iPhone case to not only make a style statement, but also to provide your phone with adequate protection.

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