Xbox One vs Playstation 4

December 3, 2013 6:10 PM

It was always going to be a battle between Sony and Microsoft for deciding who released the greatest console next, and it looks like Sony has won that battle.

Microsoft revealed that the Xbox One would cost £430, which is a lot of money for a games console, or at least that’s what many gamers thought, taking to twitter to express their anger against how high the price is.  Microsoft then showed trailers for games such as Halo and Metal Gear solid. Both looking like brilliant instalments to the franchise.

Twitch was another ingenious announcement from Microsoft: this feature allows gamers to broadcast their gaming sessions online for other gamers to see.

So after Microsoft set the bar rather high, it was Sony’s turn to impress, and they certainly did. Andrew House swaggered onto the stage telling gamers that the PS4 is almost £100 cheaper than the Xbox One! Sony also revealed what their console would look like. Very sleek and stylish, with many people comparing it to the Xbox One.

The bad news: Sony revealed that to play online, gamers would need a Playstation plus subscription, which is understandable in the current economy. Playstation plus is considerably cheaper than Xbox live and current subscribers will have their subscription extended when the Playstation 4 comes out.

Both companies gave an insight on how socially interactive the gaming world is going to be. Things like tweeting about your games and streaming them live on the internet should become common in the coming months when both consoles are released.

Over the next coming days, more details will be released about the two consoles, but in my opinion, Sony has really beaten Microsoft, mainly because of the price difference. I doubt that Microsoft will lose any fans anytime soon, but I think it is safe to say Sony has defiantly gained a few!

E3 wasn’t all about Microsoft and Sony though. Apple introduced IOS7, which does look brilliant, and it has also been redesigned to compete with their competition, Android. EA’s announcement of FIFA 14 came as no surprise, but what did come as a surprise was Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. Originally an iPhone game, now it has been created into a third person shooter.