Helldivers Release Date Announced

February 18, 2015 11:39 AM

Arrowhead finally announce Helldivers release date and confirm it will be on Playstation 4, Playstation Vita & Playstation 3

helldivers release date

Players must fight to restore balance across various planets in the fictional galaxy

Helldivers received a lot of critical acclaim when it was original shown at E3 2014 and was up for IGN’s best of show award. However, Arrowhead have kept much of the game’s progress to themselves since then. That is, until last week, when they finally revealed Helldivers release date would be March 3rd in NA and 4th in EU. This has lead many to believe it will be a PlayStation Plus game, or on digital discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers. With the game being released on all three Playstation platforms it looks like it will be a multi buy deal, like Rogue Legacy and the recently remastered Grim Fan Dango.

Helldivers puts you in the shoes of super earth’s soldiers, sent across the galaxy to fight against hordes of aliens. You can play alone with computer AI, or with a team of four friends online. The game is a top down shooter where a team of four are sent with an arsenal of weapons and must kill an onslaught of aliens on randomly generated planets. Players must make tactical decisions that dictate the game such as where to deploy, in what order to complete the objectives and when to request certain pieces of equipment. For example, they have abilities to call in help with the fight, in the shape of bombing strikes, or Star Wars style ATAT walkers. This seems too easy, but there’s a massive catch to Helldivers, and that’s how hard it actually is. Team kill is enabled which results in severe punishments for misfiring and hitting an innocent team mate. If you managed to kill the onslaught then you will be rewarded and move to the next overrun planet to wreak carnage over, and try to restore the balance.

Helldivers looks like a hell of a fun game, and we can’t wait to play. For a taste of what’s to come check out the trailer below and keep checking back for more gaming news and reviews.

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