My Top 5 Football Manager 15 Wonderkids

November 20, 2014 9:00 AM

As the year draws to an end, Football Manager gets its annual release, with every fan of the game desperate to get their paws on this year’s hottest prospects. Football Manager not only taps into our inherent desire to manage a club, but also the ability to train, develop and unleash youngsters who have the potential to take the game by storm.

If this sounds like you then keep reading as I’ve compiled my five of the must buys in this year’s edition of Football Manager 15.

1. Javier Fernández Abruñedo (Bicho)

Inside forward or enganche - or both?

Inside forward or enganche – or both?

On loan at Barcelona B from Deportivo de La Coruña, this wonderkid is definitely one to watch out for. As any FM enthusiast would tell you, his above stats are unbelievably good for someone who will only turn 20 by the time the two year loan deal ends. With technique, vision and flair ranging from 15-17, it is no wonder why a club like Barcelona would be interested in Bicho. His positioning needs work on but everything there sets him up to be a great inside forward or enganche. Only drawback is that due to the loan agreement, you may struggle to sign him. Worth a punt, though!

2. Hirving Lozano

The winger who can master all positions

The winger who can master all positions

With a work rate of 16, teamwork of 16 and determination at a whopping 18, you’d be forgiven for tempting to mould Lozano into an excellent, direct winger, especially when the other stats look so promising too. That’s probably where Lozano’s fate lies, but the excitement with this Mexican talent is down to his defensive stats. As such, there is scope there for him to become a tidy right wing-back in a creative, 5-man defence. Lozano also has a decent left foot so if a left winger is what you are after, he could probably do a job for you there if you have him training for that role. Additionally, looking at those stats, one might believe there is a striker’s potential in him. Indeed, he can play as a poacher, false nine, advanced forward etc. All that really needs working on is his composure (which is currently at 12).

I will have to say though, the only way to get Lozano is if you are doing a save as a big, big club. Like your PSG’s, or Chelsea’s, or Real Madrid’s. Why? Because it will take a lot of money to pry him away from his club as he is very loyal to them. And if you do manage to get him to agree signing for you, do remember that he will require a work permit. Of course, if you are a big, big club, it is very likely that the permit will go through once you appeal. One positive factor is that because he is 18, he will pass as a homegrown player if bought within the first month of your save.

It all might seem tedious for what is essentially a promising young talent but, believe me when I say this: Lozano at his prime is a devastating player.

3. Simone Scuffet

The young goalkeeper who rivals the very best

The young goalkeeper who rivals the very best

At the age of 18, Scuffet’s stats trump probably 80% of goalkeepers in the game. He is naturally compared to Buffon and could end up breaking appearance records on your save. He can play at the highest level for 12-13 years – maybe even more! With an all round goalkeeping ability and the mental stamina to slot in and perform immediately at almost any club, Scuffet is up there as one of the biggest wonderkid revelations. Word of warning though, Udinese are very stubborn and unwilling to sell him so expect a big asking price.

4. Jesus Vallejo

Young but experienced mentality

Young but experienced mentality

Above everything else, it is Vallejo’s mental stats that stick out most. With 16 concentration and 14 determination, he is very unlikely to make costly mistakes; something most young players are prone to. And as a ball playing defender/central defender, the aforementioned stats are exactly what you want him having. Moreover, his growing determination means he could very well reach his expected potential sooner than you think. His jumping reach might not be the best but when you get a classy defender like Vallejo who is better at carrying the ball forward and making tidy passes, I’m sure his aerial ability can be an oversight. If Vallejo is what you want in a defender then jump at it now before Zaragoza offer him a new deal. However, almost any club can sign him, as shown in the above image where he is playing for Watford.

5. Pavel Savitskiy


A real value buy

Savitskiy can be signed on a pre-contract, or bought for a measly fee of 50k for his signature. For someone so cheap, he is definitely quite the value buy when he develops into into one of the best in the game. With 15 crossing, 14 dribbling, 15 technique and 14 acceleration, he can be moulded into a very powerful winger. At further inspection, we can also see that he has 13 finishing. When you have a right-footed player – with decent finishing – who prefers the left-wing, it would be a shame not to try him out as an inside forward.

If you are thinking of signing him, make sure you do it fast. Savitskiy is usually scouted by many clubs so you won’t be the only one looking at him. And having already been capped at senior level, work permit should not be an issue. Hurry, before someone else gets in on the bargain before you!


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