5 Ways to Step Up your Conference Room Setup for More Productive Sessions

February 15, 2022 9:54 AM

The conference room is an all-important area in any office. It is where business colleagues and associates meet for powerful sessions geared towards the company’s growth and development. Therefore, you should pay much attention to its upkeep, ensuring the meeting place is conducive to hosting more productive collaborations.

Don’t worry because you can say goodbye to boring, fruitless meetings with a good setup. That’s what you can achieve by giving your current boardroom a makeover. Here is a guideline on how to do it.

  1. Rev up your audio-visual technology. It’s all about sound and display, after all. How else will you steal attention from the participants than with outstanding sensory stimulation? Further, you need top-notch technology to back up your audio-visual presentations. And it does not work one way. You have to work on both. While a picture may paint a thousand words, it has been proven, time and again, that poor sound quality results in unproductive meetings. Thus, you should mount screens or projectors properly the same way you would put speakers at their rightful places to deliver the same sound quality throughout the room. Check out projector ceiling mounts like those at https://unicol.com/products/projector-ceiling-mount for this purpose. 
  2. Employ smart technology to manage and control tasks within the boardroom. Gone are the days when you need to squander through countless chains and cables and get lost along the way. Advanced technology can sweep off several tasks through a simplified and streamlined interface. Being in control of the meeting room is equivalent to controlling the meeting itself. Make yours easy to navigate with a simple touch technology that would barely require help from IT, unless something goes terribly wrong.
  3. Invest in good quality tools. To facilitate productive meetings, pay attention to the quality of your AV equipment. You must also take note of the other essential elements like microphones, cameras, and a video conferencing platform when you need to connect remotely to other participants.
  4. Get the comfiest chairs and most functional conference tables. The pieces of conference room furniture are as important as the equipment. You need to invest in good quality seats and equally functional conference tables to set up the stage for a productive session. Remember that comfort promotes productivity. But don’t overdo it either. You have to keep the furniture design subtle and smooth to enhance the overall mood.
  5. Invest in what others may deem of minor importance, like door locks, lighting, etc. The technical and physical features of the conference room aside, there are a few more elements that you need to think about, including simple things like door dimensions, locking systems, and lighting fixtures. Again, both may seem to be of little importance, but they actually help enhance the entire meeting experience, spelling the difference between a good call and a bad one.

It is not enough that you have a meeting place within your company premises. It is a must that you set it up in a manner that promotes productivity at every corner.