How to create a script plan for your TikTok videos

August 16, 2022 4:38 PM

Creating TikTok videos might seem simple and easy, but many of them will take much longer to plan, film and edit than you think. 

User-generated content is becoming increasingly popular, as online users are more sceptical of ads than ever before. UGC means that users are more likely to trust the brand that is advertising their product, but getting this content can be difficult. 

Hiring a TikTok agency in London can be highly beneficial as most agencies have all the necessary equipment and know how to create these videos. Or alternatively, follow the steps below to create the perfect video yourself. 

Consider different ideas 

The first thing to do when planning a TikTok video is to research what kinds of videos your competitors have been doing and how successful they have been. From there, you can take inspiration for your video and make it relevant to your brand. 

Working with a TikTok agency can be helpful here as they will have a bank of videos to refer to and will likely already know which type of videos work best for different brands. 

Once you have decided what kind of videos you want to make, you can start thinking about the language you want to include and whether you want the script to be humorous, informative or educational. Most importantly, it should keep your audience engaged and provide them with value, whether it be an incentive to purchase, learn something new or make them laugh. 

How long should the script be?

Generally, TikTok videos are around one minute long, although they are trying to promote longer videos from three minutes to ten minutes. However, if you are planning a video ad, keeping it short and sweet means your audience is more likely to remain engaged, although there are some exceptions to this rule. 

For videos that are around a minute long, the script should be short, snappy and to the point. Most TikTok videos feature one person speaking to the camera, so your script should be created for one person to follow easily, and there should be minimal gaps in their speech to keep the audience entertained. 

When asking a content creator to make a video for you, a script is crucial when ensuring that all the main selling/pain points are covered and to reduce amends once the video has been created. In this case, the video can be much longer than one minute as the content creator completes an unboxing video or explains how the product works in order to convince the user that they should make a purchase. 

What kind of language should be used?

The beauty and the curse of TikTok is that users consume large amounts of content while on the app, so your chances of being seen by the right people are high, but keeping them engaged can be challenging. The average time a user takes to decide whether to watch a video or scroll on is 7 seconds, so the first 7 seconds are the most important. 

Handing this kind of task over to a TikTok agency in London will simplify the process, as they will have experience writing these kinds of scripts specifically for TikTok, as they often vary a lot compared to long-form video scripts. 

If you want to write the script yourself, the most important part to consider is the opening line. Immediately address the customer’s pain point in a creative and engaging way. For example, ‘I used to spend hours doing this but now it takes me five minutes, because of (product)’. This tells the user that they will be able to save time doing something and is more likely to continue watching the video. 

Throughout the video, you should continue to engage the user by making statements like ‘you won’t believe what happens next’ or ‘wait until you see this’ so they are always waiting for the next part of the video. 

Throughout the video, the language must relate to and speak to the target audience directly. For younger audiences, common slang might make the user identify with your brand, while older audiences might expect to see more formal, descriptive videos. 

Script structure

Your script should be structured in three parts. The beginning should be attention-grabbing and appeal directly to the user, the middle should be explanatory and relatable, and the script should always finish with a call to action, whether that be visiting the website, making a purchase or following the account. 

The call to action at the end should not be forgotten, otherwise, users will scroll past your video after watching when they may have been ready to complete an action. For video ads, this could include directing users to a link in the description or clicking on a button below to learn more. 

Don’t forget on-screen text

As part of the script, you should consider whether you want to include any on-screen text in your video. This type of text can also be used as a keyword for your video. For example, if you are advertising for trainers, you could include the text ‘brand new out trainers’ and those who search for trainer-related content may be directed toward your video. 

Not only is it useful for the TikTok algorithm, but it also provides your audience with more information and explains what is going on in the video, increasing the likelihood that they will stay and watch the whole video. 

As a relatively new platform, creating a script can be tricky, as it carries a very specific, new style that older, longer-form videos cannot compete with. Audiences on TikTok want to consume content quickly, so your script must be produced in line with their expectations. Many London TikTok agencies can produce this kind of content quickly and efficiently, so if you are looking for some help with your videos, finding one can speed up the process of getting your videos live as soon as possible.