6 Reasons Why Twitter Beats Facebook

July 3, 2014 12:44 PM

Over time, since the new interesting social networking site known as Twitter has gained popularity, Facebook users have experienced controversy over which form of communication they prefer, so here’s a list that may convert you from old to new.


The Character Count

When first introduced, eager users were highly strung by the fact that they were being forced to  limit their amount of rambling to 140 characters. How were we supposed to cope with so little words yet so much to say? However, in comparison to Facebook, seeing smaller posts down your timeline bring with it some advantages. For example, how many times have you experienced an acquaintance rambling on about their day in one hefty Facebook status? Well now with Twitter you have a far more concise description to put up with, which really benefits everybody: less reading for us, and less typing for them!

Twitter Character Limit

Replace old friends with a new group of strangers

It goes without saying that we often dread seeing that certain name pop up on our Facebook page, yet it’s impossible to get rid of them without being downright rude. But now with Twitter one needn’t worry about what others think because if we don’t agree with something it’s more than easy to unfollow them with a click of a button, allowing you to continue about the rest of your day without being interrupted by others. Furthermore, it’s just as simple to start stalking new people as it is to stop, so within a few minutes you’re able to change your entire social group in order to spice up the people around you, and therefore never see another dull day!


Discover real things, not real life

Twitter offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the world of media, uncovering new bands, TV shows and social franchises by simply clicking around and finding other users who share your same interests. Now how much more appealing is that than seeing on Facebook what your next door neighbour had for their lunch? I’m sure if you wanted to know that you’d create a new form if social media like, I don’t know…a bin raiding community?


If they can’t find you, they can’t follow youusername-code

Making your own personalised username allows you to create a brand new identity for yourself which nobody else needs to know about, allowing you to grow even more distant from the real people in your life. So this means that Twitter allows you to connect with whoever you want, perhaps people you actually have things in common with rather than your childhood family friend three years younger than you who you were forced to hang around with and now won’t leave you alone. Furthermore it means that you can say whatever you want to say too, because you’re no longer isolated within a social clique who would usually judge you for having a second opinion. With your brand new user identity, you can hide from these real people and bring out the skinny little prisoner who’s been wanting to make all of your previous life decisions and now finally has this choice.


funnyReduce the risk of actually being physically followed

As much as Twitter promotes some basis of stalking another person or group of people, believe it or not, this is far less likely to happen to you than on Facebook. When you sign up to Twitter, you’ll notice that you are not interrogated on all of your deepest darkest secrets: from your favourite book or athlete right down to the pinpoint location of your house as well as the second in which you were born. Some may say that Twitter even offers a sense of security in that you’re able to share your thoughts and feelings with sympathetic strangers who can offer you support and a friendly word but never know who you really are, which sounds like a far better plan really.

Anyone else getting the feeling that Twitter is designed for sociopaths? So really that’s just a 6th reason!


Avoid being part of the society

One need not take any persuasion to agree that the uttermost annoying feature of Facebook is the countless amount of event invitations, normally sent to you by that popular guy who actually enjoys living in the real world, when really, what he doesn’t understand is that you don’t, and most probably wouldn’t even want to be seen in the same venue as 98% of the other invitees.



In theory, Facebook is better designed for people who are actually content with the way that they live their life, whereas the majority of the population have not experienced such happiness before, which is why converting to Twitter may be a good place to start.