3 Secrets To Passing Your Driver’s Test In The UK Fast

June 26, 2017 6:44 PM

Acquiring a driving license in the UK is not a walk in the park and according to reliable sources, the driving pass rate in the UK is only 47 percent. Therefore, 1 in every 2 people fails the test. Although, in reality, there is no actual secret to passing your driver´s test in the UK fast, there are a few ways to increase your chances of passing. In order to be well prepared for the test, you will need to plan carefully and be able to test your nerves. If you can put in the hours and practice, that´s good, but there are smarter ways to increase the efficiency of your training. Here are 3 ways you can pass your driver’s test in the UK fast!


  • Understanding the workings of the machines in your vehicle


You should understand the workings of the machines in your vehicle and learn the basic maintenance of the car. Basically, you should be confident of lifting the car bonnet and explaining the inner workings of the car. You should know how your lights work and what makes them tick. In addition to that, you should also be well aware of how to operate the power steering, fog lights, window wipers, and washers. You should be able to identify and locate the engine oil, engine coolant, screen wash, and brake fluid levels. It will also help you if you know about the tire pressure required for a particular type of road. Knowing about the aforementioned topics will undoubtedly help you answer the ¨show me, tell me¨ questions with confidence and ease.


  • Drive in as many conditions as possible


You won’t be able to predict the weather condition on the day of your test. Hence, it is better if you prepare yourself to drive in as many conditions as possible. You can do so by requesting your instructor to help you drive in icy, slippery, wet, dry, foggy, and bright conditions. Driving in such conditions will undoubtedly help you gain experience and help you be prepared for surprises on the road. You can also gain invaluable experience if you drive with passengers on board, drive during traffic hours, drive with the radio on, and drive during night time.


  • Using technology


By joining forums and social media groups on the web, you will come across various different learners who can teach you a thing or two with their personal experiences. By sharing your experiences online with them, you will be able to identify your problems and work collectively with the other learners to find solutions. You can even check videos online to see if there are easier driving techniques—for instance, techniques that can help you reverse better. With such facilities at your disposal, it would be foolish to not make the most use of it.  You can also pass your driver’s test in the UK fast by accessing driving test cancellations. In order to move up your test to a new date, you can look for cancelled slots. One of the easiest ways of checking cancellations for driving test is through the software, cancellation checker. The software allows you to check for cancelled slots and the software automatically searches for slots from the DVSA site and locates the cancelled slots that meet your requirements, in turn, saving you invaluable time.