5 easy-to-overlook ways your smartphone can help improve your health

November 1, 2019 5:35 PM

Most of the time smartphones get a bad rap, but there’s many ways that they can improve your health. Whether it’s improving your organisation with a smartphone calendar or tracking your diet and fitness with some of the many online apps, your smartphone doesn’t have to be something you’re attached too – it can benefit your health too.

Improve organisation

Our lives are now more hectic than ever and it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to keep on top of all our meetings, appointments, and even our personal engagements. Using your smartphone as an organisation tool is a great way to ensure you don’t forget about the things you shouldn’t forget. There’s many apps that allow you to micro-manage your life, but perhaps one of the most effective methods is by using the Reminders app to notify you when things need to be done, at a time of your choice. Organisation reduces stress.

Health and Fitness Apps

Health and fitness apps are everywhere, and for good reason. With more and more of us taking the time to work on our summer bodies or simply get a little bit fitter, a health and fitness app is a superb way to monitor your progress. Whether it’s using the Nike Running App to monitor how far you’re running and how fast, or you’re using a calorie counting app to measure those gains, a fitness app is great for your overall health. You can also order medication with the online pharmacy by Lawsat Pharm.

Use social media to connect with others

Despite all our improved methods of connectivity, 21st century life can be a lonely place at times. Sometimes social media can be seen as one of those toxic things about modern life, but let’s look at it differently. Why not use social media to connect with an old friend or reach out to someone you may have something in common with. Building friendships with people you have a genuine connection with is a great way to find happiness and a sense of belonging.

Write down your thoughts like a journal

We often overlook the benefits of journaling or writing down our thoughts. Often, writing down your thoughts or worries can help us flesh out any worries we may be having or feel as if we’re sharing our problems. Diaries and journals can be an inconvenience when you have a sudden brainwave though, so why not use the notes app on your smartphone to write down those inspirational thoughts, worries and musings. You never know what they might mean when you come back to them.

Diet Tracking

Diet tracking apps are a superb way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and ensure you’re sticking to your fitness goals. There are many apps available for people looking to calorie count or build their diets around key nutritional data. These apps are great for people are looking to lose a little bit of weight for the summer, or bodybuilders looking to put on a bit extra muscle for a big summer competition.

Smartphones can have both positive and negative benefits depending on how you use them. Like everything, smartphones should be used in moderation but can also have many benefits for our health too. Take the time to organise your life and write down your thoughts, or start a new fitness journey with one of the many health apps today.