5 Ways Technology is Changing the Face of Home Security

August 24, 2016 11:56 AM

A Smart Home is now a well-connected home

Technology has made its way into our homes and has radically changed the way we live, and protect the dwellings we live in. Here we will look at 5 ways that technology has changed the face of home security.

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  1. Remote Monitoring: With the meteoric rise of smartphones, we can now easily monitor what is happening at home. Our devices are able to keep an eye out whenever we are at work, shopping, out for the weekend or travelling. Using specialised apps for tablets and mobiles, we can take protective measures that were previously impossible. For example, Verisure Smart Alarms provides an app from which you can activate or deactivate the burglar alarm system, see when intruders have entered the house and receive real time videos and photos of what is going on at home – the power is in our hands!

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  1. Smart Access Control: Would you like to know who is coming in and out of your home or business? There are smart keys that can be assigned to each user which will allow you to easily check your family’s comings and goings. It’s a smart way of enabling the entire family to activate or deactivate the alarm without having to memorise complicated codes. This type of smart access is reliable, easy to use and suitable for children who travel to school on their own.pic 3
  2. Home Sensors: New technologies have created sensors that are very sensitive to movement, thus protecting all access points to the house.pic 4
  • Some photodetectors are so powerful, that they can take images even in total darkness.
  • Motion sensors that detect movements are even equipped to send image sequences to Alarm Receiving Centres for analysis and contact the authorities if needed.
  • These sensor detectors have advanced filters that can distinguish movements caused by intruders from external environmental factors.
  • Exterior sensors pick up movements and trigger the alarm before the intruder gets into the house. The detector’s microwave and infrared technology are advanced enough to differentiate between the movement of animals and humans.
  1. Smart cameras: Cloud Cams are the ‘brave new world’ of security cameras. These cameras can watch, record and listen to everything that is happening in the home or business, in real-time, with HD quality. Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, you can then have access to all of the video content from wherever you are, via a smartphone, tablet or computer. Never be caught unaware again!

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  1. Remote control assistance: There are also security systems that allow seniors or people who need medical attention, to call an ambulance in response to any emergencies. These innovations can truly be life-saving.

It’s hard to deny, smart homes are the way of the future. Looking ahead, what innovations will you put into place?

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