Cloud Gaming Goes a Step Further with Shinra Technologies

April 15, 2015 3:41 PM

Much like many other industries, gaming is steadily moving to the cloud, thus reinventing the ways popular franchises are delivered to end-user devices. When it comes to some big names in this field, OnLive is certainly one of the pioneers that started pushing the industry to the cloud to improve gaming experience across different devices.

Namely, OnLive started shifting their infrastructure to the cloud back in 2012 and stayed focused on improving the gaming technology ever since. Earlier this year, for example, they announced new upgrades that are intended to further facilitate on-demand gaming delivery. Of course, OnLive is not the only gaming service that recognized the cloud’s potential and, as this technology matures, we are seeing more and more gaming providers emerge in the field.

New Gaming Experience with Shinra Technologies

With the cloud being ever so appealing to gaming providers and developers, it’s unsurprising that today a great variety of companies is trying to compete in the cloud gaming market. One of the latest announcements came from Shinra Technologies, a company that is already familiar to gamers for their next generation gaming technology. This time, the company decided to partner with Camouflaj Games to further promote its cloud platform aimed at game developers who want to overcome the limitations of current technologies.

Considering this move, Shinra is evidently aiming big and understands how the industry must change with the change in gamers’ and developers’ habits. In relation to this, the company president Yoichi Wada recently said:

“The method of game development changes and evolves with the advancement of platform technology. And I believe that this technical innovation will eventually take place also in cloud game development.”

shinra technologies

Why cloud, really?

The term cloud computing has been present in the tech world for years now and its impact on different industries is still widely discussed among tech and business experts. Essentially, it refers to a powerful server infrastructure as delivered by giants such as Microsoft, Google or Amazon, which is able to process huge amounts of data and deliver web services with minimum latencies. Similar to VPS hosting environment that is still widely used in business, the cloud creates storage and network capacities that could be outsourced on pay-per-use basis and this is what makes them so popular today.

For gaming providers, therefore, the cloud offers a great potential in terms of storage and infrastructure resources since it can deliver high-bandwidth games across different devices without the need for super heavy hardware. Considering these benefits, we can expect even more companies to appear with cloud-based gaming solutions. One of the interesting ones is PolyStream, a startup that primarily focuses on streaming high-resolution games across low bandwidths, which is certainly another great demonstration of the power of the cloud.


The new era in the gaming industry is definitely marked by the emergence of cloud solutions and growth of on-demand gaming. Thanks to the cost-efficiency of these resources, as well as its potential to offer a well performing development platform, the cloud is yet to shape the world of gaming in future. Considering the latest trends, we are yet to see a new generation of cloud-based startups that will harness the cloud technology for the benefits of gamers.

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