Competition: Don’t risk your business: back up your data.

March 3, 2014 1:00 PM

back up your dataTechnology is a marvel; it continuously evolves as time trickles on by. We, the human race, have inexplicitly tied ourselves to technology. This certainly is a good thing for our progression but having undivided reliance on anything in life can lead to mistakes and errors which you never see coming. Enter: Data Loss.

Some people still presume that data on your computer is safe when in actuality, it really is not. Not only are we as individuals somewhat reliant on technology but companies, businesses, and corporations are too. Just about every company keeps some form of data, whether their accounts, client information, emails etc.  Yet not all back up this vital information. The large companies have their own systems in place as considering the amount of data they deal with on a daily basis, it would be silly not to. But unfortunately a large number of small and medium sized companies fail to comprehend the risk that they are taking. Every year 6% of all current computers have a serious problem which inevitably results in complete data loss. 60% of companies that are within that 6% will shut down within just six months. Scarier still, 93% of companies that lose their data and are unable to retrieve it back claim bankruptcy within one year. This accounts for a loss of $11.8 billion and rising in the US each year alone.

easeus-data-recoveryThis is where EaseUS comes into play. EaseUS is an affordable, powerful backup software which is secure and easy to use. With big names such as PC World and CNET News using this particular brand it is safe to say that it is reliable. Tech Reviewer, in conjunction with EaseUS, are offering 5 free copies with full licenses to the individuals/companies who help spread this article and get the most shares on Facebook. Although these discounts and freebies are great, even if you do not choose this particular form of software or win our competition for a free license, it is imperative that if you keep date stored on a computer for a business, that you back it up.

There is an undeniable correlation between data loss and company bankruptcy. If you are a company and you lose your data you have a greater chance of correctly choosing the right side of a coin-flip than saving your business and no business ever wants to leave anything to chance. The problem lies in the fact that the internet, as well as technology, is constantly changing and evolving and thus we are constantly having to adapt to these changes, which, for humans is no new thing. Essentially it’s about naivety and awareness rather than reliance, there are systems which can protect that reliance with their cloning software, so don’t be a gambler and back up your data!


Competition details: The top 5 individuals or companies who share this article on Facebook and receive the most shares thereafter will be given the free license code for the EaseUs software, ensuring the safety of their company or personal data forever! Just drop us an email to with the link to your shared post if you would like to enter. Fan pages, groups and profile pages are all allowed.

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