Create Your Own Lifestyle

September 26, 2017 9:17 PM

All the wisdom of the world is today at our disposal – all knowledge, all mysteries of the science, all the existing philosophic literature. The answers to almost all questions a human has ever asked are available, excluding several the most important, and even they are close to be replied. The scientists even explained what happiness is from the point of view of our body, and what particular hormones it depends on.

The issue is – why are most people in the world still unhappy? Why are they unhealthy? Why do they not live the life they used to dream of? Fortunately, many of us try to puzzle it out, what is the reason not for the common unhappiness, but at least for our own one. We start searching info – in the Internet, of course. What can we find first? A few hundred times re-written articles like “10 tips for healthy life”, “100 tips for happy life”, “1000 tips for long life”. And what we do, being the laziest creatures in the whole world (maybe, except the sloth, but there is no confidence)? Correct, we choose the easiest tips and start implementing them in our everyday life. For instance, one of the most wide-spread is to drink a glass of water every morning before breakfast and before anything at all. Surely, this habit also needs some efforts, but they are so small that there is nothing to talk. So, we have been drinking water every morning for one month… two months… no changes.

We still feel unhappy, and our desires do not hurry to come true. Okay, we think, let’s add goal-setting to the water: they say it is real magic! And we start setting goals with enthusiasm, and – no surprise – this also doesn’t bring the desired changes to the life. We try to think positively, no matter what it means, and to be grateful for every trifle, and to do exercises, and to keep the house in order – everything that we have found in those lists of useful lifestyle tips. We look like a student who wants to “cheat” and tries to buy essay cheap – now and fast, instead of spending his own time and using his skills in order to write it on his own hook.

Personal happiness

The problem is that if there was a happiness formula, we would be already in the know. Bad news is that there is no formula. No one knows the secret of long, happy life. The good one is that everyone can find his or her own, unique way to be happy, and if you do, you will never write about it, realizing how individual and personal it is. Have you ever think of who is writing all the articles about healthy and interesting life? Really, the people who are already wealthy and strong? No – they are quite ordinary people with a plethora of troubles. And even those who are happy indeed (some people are, of course), and who possess outstanding health, are not able to teach everyone because of personal circumstances, background, various features of character and thousands of factors.

The only method is to find your personal formula of happiness, and it can take years. It is not as simple as it may sound: it is really hard but utterly engaging job. What does it imply?

  • First, no need to read anything, at least at the very beginning of creating your own useful and happy lifestyle. Try to analyze the way of life you are leading right now. What is fine? What would you like to get rid of? What makes you healthier and happier? What oppresses? Be honest and forget about any standards. You feel better while watching ducks on the pond, or while playing Ping-Pong, or while hanging out with friends – perfect! Your source of energy is your job, or your hobby, or sport, or dances, or reading – endless variety.
  • The second step is to create your own ideas of how to make your personal every day of your personal life more attractive, without looking around and focusing on others’ vision. You don’t want to see certain people anymore? Great achievement – to find out who is like a burden for your mood. You need more time for having a bath? You honestly confess that it is necessary to decrease the amount of alcohol drunk weekly? You need more exercises to feel more strong and flexible? By the way, this tip can be found in almost every list of lifestyle tips. Seriously? Couldn’t you get it without reading that list?
  • Then, when your life looks more or less like you want, it’s time to find gaps you cannot fill without assistance. For instance, you have some issues with health, or with family, of with earning money. But, again – move to these problems when you already feel fine, or at least normal. Now it is a pertinent idea to appeal to the books and teachers – to those who know more and can more. But select those who you like, respect and admire, it’s quite important. Trust your teachers but not blindly: use the advice, watch yourself, and mark your feelings and changes. A psychologist is also not a bad option, but only with sound and professional approach.

A top-notch task

If you ask a mountain dweller, how he managed to live till 100 years, and perhaps he will reply that used to drink much wine, eat much meat, love his wife and dozens of grandchildren. If you ask a yoga guru about the same, you will likely hear that he refused meat, alcohol, and smoking in the very youth, and has been wishing happiness to all the Earth creatures during all his life. They both will be absolutely right.

The fine art is to find or to design your own lifestyle that will urge you wake up happy every morning, or at least not so gloomy as usually. It will be really more than most people do for themselves.