Data Protection: How Important Is It?

September 22, 2014 2:46 PM

Businesses these days have the benefit of storing the vast majority of their data online instead of having to place thousands of files in cabinets where they can be lost, take hours to find and use up a huge amount of office space. However, with this upgrade to company storage comes a huge risk for businesses that, if badly managed, can inflict serious damage. If servers go down and online data is lost then companies can lose all the data that they own. You might think this is quite unlikely, but millions of businesses lose their data every year and a whopping 72 percent of those businesses are forced to shut-down completely in the 24 months that proceed the loss of their data as a direct result.

So the answer to the big question on how important data protection for companies is can be answered with 100% certainty that it is of unparalleled importance. The next question to think about is what kind of data protection should a company get? The above video from Arcserve gives a valuable insight into how complex data protection has become over recent years. Because of soaring popularity, thousands of data protection companies have sprung to life and many of them are extremely unreliable, too expensive or set up by con-artists. The best advice is to take one of the larger, well-known data protection agencies such as Arcserve who you can guarantee are a big enough organisation to be efficient at the job and to know what they are doing. To try and cut costs with a smaller, unknown agency is to risk wasting company money, and even worse, not actually having the data protection necessary if your business is to find itself in trouble.

As online presence continues to grow with companies around the world, it is vitally important to take the simple steps necessary to ensure the future of your business. Technology is not reliable and it will, eventually, break. Don’t be caught out on something as simple as data protection when it might risk the future of your entire business. Be smart: use data protection.


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