Destiny: The Ultimate Guide

March 6, 2015 9:00 AM


Enemy Types – The Fallen

Dreg – The weakest of all the fallen enemies, the Dreg makes up for its primitive combat with a degree of agility that allows it to find cover effortlessly. Don’t waste your special abilities on this creature – stick to basic melee or weapon attacks.

Vandal – Slightly tougher than the Dreg, the Vandals are fast but prefer to engage players from medium to long-range and can dodge grenades rather easily, so consider making use of your precision weapons.

Captain – These captains can deploy shields, and also teleport away from danger entirely if necessary. Don’t go out of your way to fight Captains, but if you have to, consider using Arc damage and flanking them.

Shank – These annoying drones don’t have weak points, so just blast them out of the sky as quickly as possible. Once you enter Mythic missions, however, you should try to use solar damage against them.

Servitor – This hovering unit can be a real pain in the neck, but you can finish the fight faster by shooting it in its weak point in the center of the eye. Make sure you kill its friends first, as it can heal comrades using its Void energy field.

Skiff – This transport ship normally drops off enemies and then flees, but if you do need to attack it directly take those turrets out as quickly as possible while keeping one eye out for approaching foot-soldiers.

Mission 1 – A Guardian Rises

Following the opening cut-scene you are introduced to your personal ghost who will guide you. This ghost has several purposes such as showing the player the current objective or leaving the planet and taking you back to the orbit.

Follow the ghost as you make your way through a pile of cars. As you enter the building your ghost will speak to you and tell you that you will need to find a weapon before the fallen finds you. You will see stairs which you must walk up. but be careful because there will be a fallen underneath you, you will see more stairs further on, continue walking up the stairs and you will enter a dark room. your ghost will tell you that the room needs some light and will lighten the room.

As soon as the light turns on, your ghost will find you a rifle, pick it up and you will need to fight through to clear the area. A fallen will jump from above and will need to melee attack it and move further. As you proceed, more fallen will appear therefore you will need to clear the area and move forward. As soon as you kill the final fallen your ghost will tell you that there are more ahead. Keep moving until you see the loot cash, when you open it you will be granted a special weapon, at that point you will need to walk down the stairs and you will come across trip mines. You can either shoot them or crouch underneath them, keep going forward until more fallen appear, take them out and proceed further and you will see more trip mines blocking your way. Continue advancing and several more fallen will appear, dispatch them all and continue. Walk down the stairs, go into the room heading towards the fans, go through the gap and keep walking.

The Divide

A new chapter begins when you exit the room leading you outside. Follow the marker on the screen which will take you to a building, but be careful because fallen and shanks will appear on the way. On one occasion you will enter the building where two fallen will appear, take them out and you should be able to level up and upgrade enabling you to have a grenade slot. Once you have accomplished this, continue moving forward and enter the room on the right.

Dock 13

A jump ship will be awaiting with several enemies on it including a boss called Rahn who is the devil captain. This guy has a shield protecting him so attempt to use your grenades to break his shield before you take him out. When you clear the area your ghost will summon the jump ship and take you to the orbit.

Mission 2 – Restoration

Now you will land in an open world filled with cliffs, trees, bunkers and old buildings. Around will be plenty of fallen and a crashed ship on the side of the area. Follow the waypoint to the crashed ship, explore it if you wish. You can always explore the area in explore mode or during the story mode.

Defeat the fallen around the ship and have the ghost scan the ship for clues. Once accomplished your next objective will appear in the information hub, track the waypoint and it will lead you towards the tunnel.

Enter the building and walk down the stairs where you will see more stairs that is descending, go down these stairs following your way through the door. You will see additional stairs, walk down them and you will enter a big room. Clear the rooms until you find an inscription on the machine and have your ghost scan for the wrap drive. Your ghost will state that the only way to find a wrap drive is to go back to the same area where you escaped with your ship.

Dock 13 – Darkness Zone

Follow the waypoint back to the steppes and you will need to prepare yourself as you will enter a darkness zone, so try not to die. A swam of enemies will be awaiting including a boss called Archon.

This boss is tougher than the previous one. He has a wide body which makes him an open target. To defeat him you simply need to throw everything you can at him such as grenades, special ammo and everything else available to you. At this point you should be able to level up which will give you the glide slot.

Once you defeated him the mission is completed.


­Mission 3 – The dark Within

Back in the steppes, but this time your objective is to find out what the fallen are protecting. So follow the waypoint which will lead you to a satellite building called the skywatch. Further ahead fallen will appear, defeat them and continue.

Mothyards Old Russia

You will enter the giant satellite building, where the entrance will possibly be guarded by a Vandal Captain leading some minions. Take his shield out with a grenade before finishing him off and take out the remaining enemies too.


Lunar complex – Darkness Zone

You will be in the darkness zone once again so try not to die. Your ghost will unlock a sealed gate. He will have a bad feeling about this, which could only mean one thing; a hive will come in all directions, thrall, fallen, shank and a shielded hive wizard. Thralls will come rushing at you so your best option is to keep at a distance and defeat them using any of your weapons or grenades. The thralls and the shanks do not take much health from you so you won’t need to worry about them, you are also able to easily escape them, but your main concern is the hive wizard.

The shielded hive wizard is very tricky. He likes to throw fireballs and could poison you, for these reasons defeat him by using your grenades and special ammo. Just keep on attacking him until he drops, once you have cleared the area then the mission is completed.


Mission 5 – The Warmind

As you re-enter the steppes, your objective for this mission is to sync the vehicle grid, follow the marker and enter the small house and walk towards the machine and have the ghost scan for clues. Once the ghost has finished scanning you will need to leave the area and head towards the forgotten shore. On the way you will come across fallen, you could avoid them or defeat them it’s entirely up to you.

When you have reached the shore you will need to scan for 2 amplifiers, keep proceeding forward until you see a ship where you will need to go to scan for one of the amplifiers. Walk up the stairs but be careful there will be powerful fallen and the shielded caption who will be waiting for your arrival. You will need to break the captions shield by using your grenades or a shotgun to weaken him before you finish him off.

Have your ghost scan for the first amplifier, once that is completed head towards the second ship where you will need to scan for the second amplifier but you will come across more fallen including another caption, defeat them all and have the ghost scan for the second and final amplifier, once that’s completed your next objective is to destroy the machine. Your marker will lead you towards a tunnel, enter through the tunnel and you will enter a darkness zone so try not to die. Several fallen including a shielded caption will appear so you will need to defeat them. Once that’s done you should be able to level up which will give you the super charge ability which you will need for the next part, head towards the machine and have the ghost scan it for clues, swarms of fallen will come from all directions including another caption kill them all and then destroy the machine.

Mission completed

Mission 6 – The last array

As you enter the commodore, your ghost will notify you that will need to search the sky watch yards for the codes to open the array.

It is highly recommended that you equip yourself with a heavy weapon as you will come across more powerful fallen, before you enter the building you will need to take out a few fallen and the caption. Once you enter the skywatch building you will enter a dark room called the lunar complex.

You will see stairs on your right which will lead you upstairs through an open door, enter the room but you will need to fight the caption and a few dregs. You won’t need to worry about the dregs causing a lot of damage, as your main concern is the shielded caption who is dangerous and can kill you very quickly if you get too close.

Clear the area and carry on searching for the codes in the room and your objective will be updated. Follow the marker which will lead you outside where you will need to hunt down the fallen who have captured the ghosts with the missing codes, once you retrieve the ghost you now need to find the control station. Follow your marker as intended and enter the building walk up the stairs and you will enter the darkness zone so try not to die. As soon as you find the control station have the ghost scan for the last radio signal, while the ghost scans your next objective will be to secure the last array. Prepare for battle as swarms of fallen will be coming towards you. Defeat them all then return back to the ghost and the mission will be over.


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