Drink Til You LIVR

March 10, 2014 10:00 AM

A new phone application has been announced that only works when you are drunk. This application is called LIVR.

LIVR is a social networking application that will only open if you fail a Breathalyser test, LIVR is a new social network that has an entire drunken user base, this means that everybody who is on the application is under the influence of alcohol, making for an uncensored fun time. LIVR claim they aren’t like another social network, they are an online party at all times with no pictures of puppies or babies clogging up the feed.

In order to gain access to LIVR you are required to fail a Breathalyser, the higher your reading the more features you unlock. The features that have been announced so far are; Drunk Dial, Truth or Dare, Hot Spots, Bar Specials and After Hours. With each of these options it will involve another user who is on the application for example, if you press the drunk dial option you will call another random user on LIVR not just a random number from around the world or in your contact list. The Hot Spots feature allows you to see where the largest gathering of users is at any time. It looks like a heat map; the more people in one area the darker the shade of red. The bigger and darker the circle is, the better the party is.

There isn’t too much information on the other features as of yet but the most exciting feature and the one that will allow this application to take off in the same sense that Snapchat did, is the Blackout button. The Blackout button is an option where it will permanently delete your entire history and progress making it seem like you never used the LIVR app the previous night. If you had sent a rude image or started up a conversation that you would rather forget about you can delete it from your memory with a touch of the button before you go to sleep. There is also a feature that is called ‘the morning after report’ this is an option that if you do not press the Blackout button you will be able to see all of your activity from the night before. How many drunk dials you made, how many games of truth or dare you played.

The future of LIVR is endless, with a user base of drunk people and the ability to wipe everything from memory, a messaging service within this application will be most welcome and the creators Kyle Addison & Avery Platz welcome the idea of people ‘hooking up’ using their application. This application is going to released in spring of 2014 LIVR has been advertised using iOS but android compatibility has not been ruled out.

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