FaceTime Roulette

March 15, 2014 11:00 AM

I am sure most of you have heard of if not participated in the internet random chat room website ‘Chatroulette’, the website that asks you to input an interest to create a conversation topic and will then find a random person who shares the same interests that you have chosen. The main attraction to ‘Chatroulette’ is that in order to participate you need to have a webcam connected and turned on. The reason that I am mentioning ‘Chatroulette’ is because the iPhone feature known as ‘FaceTime’ have released ‘FaceTime Plus’. ‘FaceTime Plus’ shares the same features as ‘Chatroulette’ with the fact that it connects you to a completely random stranger in order to have a nice little chat. The difference between the two is that ‘FaceTime Plus’ allow you to choose between the kind of communication and interaction you have with the stranger; you can choose between audio, text and FaceTime.

The main thing people think about whenever somebody mentions ‘Chatroulette’ is the amount of explicit material that you will find on the website, because you connect to a completely random and anonymous stranger, the door is open for people to hide their face and do crazy things on the webcam and then get away with it. This mind-set is what made ‘SnapChat’ so appealing when it was first released, the ability to do something outrageous and get away with it. So far ‘FaceTime Plus’ has not gained the explicit user-base but I don’t think it will be long until you will connect to a random stranger using the FaceTime and find something a bit more than a face.

In order to connect to FaceTime Plus you need to go to the website and enter your Apple ID. Once you enter your ID you will be entered into the potential stranger list. However, once you enter you Apple ID, you will also be eligible to have a stranger connect to you at any time. You will have to manually take out your Apple ID from the database to disable this effect. You will be able to use FaceTime Plus on your iPad and iPhone devices.

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