Games You Should Grab During the Steam Fall Sale

November 25, 2014 12:30 PM
steam fall sale

The Steam Fall Sale is due to start November 26th.

“Prepare your wallets” — the official trumpet call for the announcement of a Steam Sale. Even as I write, it can be heard all across the internet, for this year’s Steam Fall Sale is indeed coming. Although Valve has yet to announce the actual date, PayPal has let it slip: the Steam Fall Sale will start November 26th.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday also occurring around the Steam Fall Sale, we can all expect some exceptional bargains on games this year. Sites like Green Man Gaming and Instant Gaming are also worth a peek if you’re looking to bag some brilliant bargains on steam keys during the Steam Fall Sale. If you have some time free over the Christmas holidays, grab all the great games you’ve always wanted to play for super cheap and give ’em a go. There are dozens of absolutely incredible titles that are worth noting, but here are a few recent indie titles I found especially memorable and personally recommend (with the added bonus of being pretty undemanding games and will probably run fine on virtually any PC):

Battleblock Theatre

steam fall sale battleblock theatre

Pick up BattleBlock Theatre during the Steam Fall Sale

If there’s one quirky game worth grabbing during the Steam Fall Sale, it’s Battleblock Theatre. From the makers of Castle Crashers — The Behemoth — it’s wacky and comical boasting excellent and addictive platforming, designed for either single player or co-op mode (which, when played with a friend, is absolutely hilarious thanks to friendly fire). Usually dropping below £3 or your regional equivalent during sales, this is an absolute steal. Navigate your character — a prisoner whom you can customise with various head shapes and designs — through the mysterious and bizarre battleblock theatre, ruled by hundreds of snarky cats who watch you struggle for their own amusement, and collect gems to secure your escape. All while listening to the snide yet hilarious remarks of the silvery-voiced narrator and ironically upbeat soundtrack, which you will be humming for days. It truly is a gem worth grabbing during this Steam Fall Sale.

Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy is an excellent pick for Steam Fall Sale shoppers.

This roguelike, side-scrolling platformer has excellent replay value owing to the randomly generated dungeon layouts and characters. Each run through the game’s various areas — the Castle, the Forest, the Maya, and the Dungeon — will feel completely fresh as if you were playing it for the very first time. But with each run, you will become more skilled and experienced, gaining gold and blueprints to exchange for equipment upgrades and skills in preparation for the areas’ bosses (and to simply feel even more like a badass every time you play). Whenever you are conquered by an enemy, your offspring will valiantly avenge you and brave the castle once again. In other words, the random character generator is based on the idea that you play the ‘descendants’ of your previously fallen character. You retain all the permanent upgrades, but the class and unique traits — which will subtly mix up each playthrough — of your new adventurer are always randomised. Like BattleBlock, this usually drops well below £3/$4.

Mark of the Ninja

A truly amazing stealth experience – Mark of the Ninja is a must-have this Steam Fall Sale.

If you spot this sidescrolling stealth game during the Steam Fall Sale, I suggest you grab it. Seriously. It excels in every possible aspect. Smooth gameplay, engrossing visuals, intriguing story, diverse and shadowy atmospheres…you name it and I’ll praise it. Play as an unnamed ninja who sacrifices his own sanity — subjected to the madness-educing ink of a rare flower to tattoo his body — in order to gain extraordinary powers and ruthlessly eliminate the enemies who threaten his dying clan. Never again will you feel so immersed by a silent, agile, and deadly ninja, whose journey delves deep into his psyche and yields unexpected turns of events. It usually goes for around £4/$7, and although that’s slightly higher than my previous recommendations’ prices it is WELL worth its discounted price tag. I’d even recommend it at full price.

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