GE LED Lighting With Apple HomeKit and Siri Is Coming Later This Year

May 12, 2015 9:05 PM

General Electric has announced that they will be coming up with an LED lighting system compatible with Apple’s HomeKit. Great news is that it can also work with Siri, Apple’s voice recognition digital assistant. It’s no secret that nowadays, LED and neon lights belong to the most popular decor that we, as home owners, look forward to purchasing. When you buy neon signs you have the opportunity to hang them wherever you like, giving the room of your choice a new atmosphere and vibes it may need to have to help revive it a bit. One sure thing is that these signs can give that extra bit of aesthetic that the room may be lacking, and you can hang them anywhere within your house if you decide after some time that you want to shake things up a little!

Lights can greatly influence how we sleep or work— blue tone in the morning and amber-colored in the evening. HomeKit enabled lights can integrate with sleep cycles. Mild and cool lights can relax the circadian rhythm of the body.


Lighting is how many first experiment with the idea of a smart home, and our insights show that consumers want the ability to control lighting from anywhere, automate lighting and pair lighting with other devices—like sensors, thermostats and door locks,” Beth Comstock CEO, GE Business Innovations

HomeKit integration will allows users to control multiple light bulbs simultaneously, also giving an option to pair their iOS devices (iPhone, iPod or iPad).

Perhaps the most exciting feature is the ability to control lighting at your home using Siri.

“We’re excited to announce our support for HomeKit as it will bring a seamless, intuitive user experience using Siri, says Beth Comstock

Consumers will be able to their hands on to this innovation later this year.