Hideo Kojima Receives Award for Cinematography in Videogames

November 19, 2014 9:00 AM

Hideo Kojima receives the inaugural award for Cinematography in Video Games.

The legendary game director Hideo Kojima — renowned for the Metal Gear franchise — has received the inaugural award for Cinematography in Videogames from Bradford UNESCO City of Film.

It is often a subject of debate whether video games can be classed as art and a medium through which profound stories can be told. Hideo Kojima has undoubtedly proven that they can. Cinematography in video games — like those in Hideo Kojima’s various Metal Gear instalments or the most recent Naughty Dog game The Last of Us push games beyond being purely gameplay-driven and into the realms of immersive fiction.

In Hideo Kojima’s acceptance speech, he shared his enthusiasm for cinematography and his delight to receive the Cinematography in Videogames award. “Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved movies. I feel like 70 percent of my body is made of movies. Therefore I am delighted to receive this award for cinematography.”

“Although I now make games,” Hideo Kojima continued, “there was a time when I dreamed of being a film director. I grew up under the influence of movies, and I am proud to accept an award associated with film.” Gamers worldwide can no doubt unanimously agree that Hideo Kojima is an extraordinary game director; to this date, he has truly influenced how the video game industry communicates stories through video games. Players are never simply watching a story; from the moment they pick up their controller, they are experiencing it for themselves.

His achievements have evidently been widely recognised this year. In October, Hideo Kojima also received a prestigious Golden Joystick Award: the Last Lifetime Achievement award. According to Tech Times, Kojima said: “Recieving a Golden Joystick award is an incredible honour, as they are voted for by the people who buy and play video games.” Indeed, the gamers who voted can say with complete confidence that Kojima is deserving of these awards.


In October, Hideo Kojima also received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bradford UNESCO City of Film director David Wilson expressed his admiration for Hideo Kojima’s cinematography skills, stating that: “With the ever-advancing technology there are clear synergies between film techniques and gaming, and Metal Gear Solid was one of the pioneers in this area in my view.”

“Bradford has a long history in pioneering film technology dating back to the dawn of cinema,” David Wilson said, “and we are currently looking at emerging technologies within the sector which can enhance the art of storytelling through film, animation and gaming.”

To celebrate animation, film, and video games, the Bradford Animation Festival will be taking place between the 17th and 22nd of November at Bradford’s National Media Museum. According to Nintendo Insider,  there will be guests from the gaming industry attending the festival.