How Technology will Change the Future of Gaming Industry

December 11, 2017 9:32 PM

There is no doubt about the fact that technology is advancing at an incredible speed and it is changing every industry for the better. One major industry where it is doing wonders and miracles is gaming. Experts predict that technological evolution could usher in a whole new kind of gaming industry never seen before—one with unimaginable possibilities not so easy to imagine at the moment. Ten or twenty years from now, you are going to see some pretty unbelievable stuff as far as technology and the gaming industry are concerned. Let us just give you a sneak preview of how the future gaming industry will look like with the fast evolving technology.

Mobile Casino Gaming

Ever since the advent of online casinos, gambling fans all over the globe have enjoyed playing casino games from the comfort of their home. Many UK Mobile Casinos now have a technology that enables players to access a wide variety of games on their mobile devices without needing a PC.

Live Dealer Gaming

Mobile casino games have improved tremendously and they now offer more excitement with realistic graphics as well as sounds that thrill players for hours. Maybe one would say the best thing that ever happened to the online casino gambling industry was live dealer gaming.

Live dealer refers to table games in online casinos that use a real-life dealer, which the player can see and interact with on live video. Many casinos today, for instance, offer live dealer blackjack, roulette, Texas hold’em poker and baccarat games among other popular casino games where players bet against the dealer in a more engaging and more lifelike atmosphere. Players can also engage with other live players and interact with each other in a whole new level of entertainment with unbelievable rewards.

Augmented Reality

In as much as live dealer is the most established and most realistic mobile gaming technology available at the moment, there is a new technology, catching up fast, that could totally change how casino games are played online in the future.

Have you ever heard of something called augmented reality (AR)? It is a fast emerging technology that combines real world images, video, and so on with computer-generated information as well as imagery to provide a twisted perspective/composite view. The technology integrates digital information with the user’s environment in real time to offer this sort of view.

With enhanced AR in mobile gaming, players will be able to incorporate their own physical surroundings with the game and enjoy a surreal traditional casino gambling experience from the comfort of their home. This technology will create a feeling of being in a real life casino even though you are just playing mobile games remotely.


With the manner in which technology is evolving now, I can confidently say that the future of mobile gaming is quite bright. Things are very promising as we speak and it’s not going to take too long before we enter into a new era of gaming that offers unbelievable thrills and endless possibilities to the player. We are going to see even more powerful technologies than augmented reality being introduced as time goes on.