Innovative Inateck Leads The Technology Market

July 17, 2014 5:17 PM

Inateck bluetooth speakersInateck in an online technology company that sells various useful products within the tech industry. I was lucky enough to come across two of their products, both of which I will review in this article. The first product was the Inateck Bluetooth speakers. I’ve tested several types of speakers in the past and I really have to give it to these guys for not compromising on a high standard of sound despite the small size of the speakers themselves. The Bluetooth functionality works perfectly and my mobile stayed connected to the speakers wherever I was in the house or garden meaning that the wireless factor was actually really impressive and something that would be ideal for holidays or travelling.

The sound itself was also very impressive and the speakers can go pretty loud, but not so loud that the music quality fades. This brings me to what I was most impressed with: the quality of the sound from the speakers was really high. I’ve had some very large and expensive speakers that when turned up loud would make a hideous fuzzy noise that completely ruined the music, but Inateck’s speakers are fantastic concerning this and I  have yet to hear any drop in quality.

My one and only complaint, and it is a very small thing, is that the volume/play button on the speakers is a little bit temperamental but as you normally operate this from your mobile anyway, it isn’t really a problem.

inateck usb chargerThe second product was a 4-port USB charger that will come in mightily handy when everyone is trying to charge their phones/cameras and all the other little gadgets we carry around with us. I would recommend this most for if you are going travelling with family or friends as often you need more plugs/chargers/adaptors than there are available and this little product will help to solve that issue. Tech Reviewer recently covered a story about cheap chargers causing issues and even a death because they were badly made but you can be sure that Inateck’s USB charger won’t give you any problems.

All in all, I was very pleased with what Inateck had to offer and especially with the speakers. I can see them being something I use for quite some time as they really are the best on the market right now for the low price you can get them for. If you have any questions about that products, please feel free to comment below and I’ll get back to you.