iPhone-Battery Life

January 15, 2014 4:01 PM


Battery Life! Anyone experiencing this issue should read-on.

The new iPhones, although significantly better than previous generations they still come at a hefty price as well as agonisingly limited battery use. How many of us have played games, used the camera, stream the internet, text and call on a daily basis and have had that 10% battery left box pop up far too quickly after it charged all night and day? I would say half the universe.


This is a major issue in today’s society where our out-of battery iPhone’s become completely useless and highly disappointing among the users, essentially the iPhone becomes very expensive dead weight. I’ve seen so many statuses on Facebook, YouTube Reviews, and websites about their battery dying so easily on their iPhones, probably not posted from their iPhone. It’s ridiculous to know that a high-purchased brand can be so useless due to an Almost-Dead-Battery. I know there are tips and tricks to saving your iPhone from completely dying, but how long can you withstand this before you crack?

IPhone customers have spent a lot of “hard-working” money to purchase this product and just to have it fail right in the palm of their hands mid-game, call, channel, photo is an absolute nuisance.

In my opinion, instead of creating new ideas to install in this amazing gadget, try finding a way where a customer can access all applications without the battery dying so quickly, or invent a new battery-life strategy or something useful. This is an awesome product over-all, but just that tiny little issue needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. You must never cheat the customer, even if you can. You must make them happy and satisfied, so they will come back.

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