Knoxlabs V2 Cardboard Virtual Reality Viewer Review

January 27, 2018 9:05 AM

Virtual reality is a relatively new idea, creating technology that is more immersive than ever. Considering the small chance you haven’t heard of this rapidly developing tech, virtual reality uses goggle-like headsets to create a real-life sort of feel in everything from movies to games to training simulations. While many companies sell elaborate VR headsets for a hefty price, Google Cardboard is a program working to bring virtual reality at an easily affordable cost

Google Cardboard creates programs compatible with magnifying headsets made out of cardboard, which you can insert your phone into for a cheap and simple virtual reality experience. The program supports several different companies and developers who create their own viewers and programs to work with Google Cardboard. One of these companies is Knoxlabs.

After looking into this whole idea of cheap, easy virtual reality, I received my own cardboard headset from Knoxlabs, the Knox V2, to be used with my iPhone. And in the blink of an eye, I found myself completely in awe at the beauty of virtual reality.

Upon opening the small cardboard box I received in the mail, I was greeted with another piece of cardboard technology, the V2 viewer. Using the helpful instructions found on the viewer itself, I folded the structure into place, secured my iPhone inside, and was just about ready to go.

After searching “Google Cardboard” on the App Store and downloading a few VR apps to my iPhone, I then figured out how to put my phone into the viewer. The crystal clear magnifying lenses inside of the V2 simply magnified my phone screen in the apps, and before I knew it, I was in my own world exploring virtual worlds and playing virtual games!

The app selection for Google Cardboard was surprisingly large, and it was easy to see that the market for these kinds of apps is developing quickly. I was able to play a variety of variations of popular games like Flappy Bird and Crossy Road, all in a virtual reality experience. There are also apps that simulate roller coasters, airplane rides, ghost stories, and so on, as well as others that allow you to watch movies and other videos.

Overall I’m extremely satisfied with my cheap new virtual reality viewer. If you’re interested in this cool tech, I’d recommend buying a headset from Knoxlabs’ website starting at just $10 (£7–correct at the time of writing) or going to Google Cardboard’s site to find out how to make your own.