Lenovo S8 is the next best thing!

January 3, 2015 12:30 PM

Already treated yourself for Christmas? Well don’t finish just yet, go and purchase the Lenovo. Unlike many other tablets, the screen and quality of picture on this tablet is amazing. It’s weight, look and touch screen all add to the efficiency of the tablet. The Lenovo has apps installed with things like G+, a movie store to open up your own creativity and over 1 million apps available from Google Play, it is definitely up to everybody’s standards.

Lenovo Black S8

Lenovo Black S8

The wonderful thing about Tablets, is how portable they are, the Lenovo is even better with the perfect size that it is. It is very easy to fit into bigger pockets, bags and little pouches. It’s excellent for everything! You can purchase this product for just £129.99 at any local technology store like Curry’s, Maplin’s or PC World.

I’ve had this tablet for just a couple of days and I am already addicted. I’ve now downloaded Netflix which is fantastic. The speed of the internet and apps is excellent and battery life is wonderful. I would suggest you buy one soon!