Recap: Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Review

March 3, 2015 6:50 PM

Ground Zeroes

Format: PlayStation 4

With The Phantom Pain finally getting a release date, let’s remind ourselves how its predecessor faired when released almost a year ago!

Ground Zeroes Gameplay

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes is a prologue to the main game (The Phantom Pain) due to be released later in 2015. The game starts the player off in a camp which is based in Cuba where the player has to locate 2 targets (Chico and Paz). In this mission snake is equipped with a pair of binoculars and a tranquillizer gun to complete the mission. The game picks up where it left off and encourages players to choose their playing style. You can either steal a tank and mow everyone down or put everyone to sleep with your tranquillizer. It is entirely up to the player which approach they would like to take. Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes is far more challenging compared to the previous Metal Gear Solid games. In previous Metal Gear Solid games a radar is placed on the screen which will allow the player to locate the enemies, however with ground zeroes the developers are going towards a far more realistic approach. Now the player is required to mark each enemy using the binoculars which is given to snake at the beginning of the mission which is then used throughout the game. If you are new to the Metal Gear franchise, or have never played a Metal Gear Solid Game before, then the controls will need getting used to. Solid Snake enables the player to crouch, crawl, barrel roll, and switch left and right shoulder view, quick drive and CQC (“CLOSE QUARTERS COMBAT”).

Ground Zeroes Story

Ground ZeroesThe story is very short and can be completed in under 1 hour, although if the player takes their time and desires to explore each area of the game then it may take approximately 4 hours to complete. Once the mission is completed it will unlock 5 sizeable missions which could be completed in under an hour. Ground Zeroes rewards the player by giving them a ranking determined by how the game is played, enabling the player to unlock weapons to use in the main story. There are Cassette tapes and fox patches to be found in the main story, finding them all will unlock Special Op missions. For the first time Solid Snakes adventure goes open world, therefore the player is not limited to one area of the game. On the contrary, players are given the opportunity to explore this cruel and dark world. Ground Zeroes is tense and has some suspense in the game. If the player gets caught it will automatically slow the game down allowing the player to execute the enemy before he calls for reinforcements. The A.I is what you would expect and the enemy will investigate noises or suspicious movement accordingly. If a dead body is left lying around, the guards will run towards it and radio in, informing the guards that there is an intruder. Snake is able to drive vehicles e.g. tanks and trucks to escort prisoners to the helicopter during each mission. By doing so, the player is gathering information gaining a better idea of the story. The interface has changed since the first Metal Gear Solid game. With the new interface splashes of blood appear on the screen when snake is shot. If your badly injured the screen will completely turn red and you will have to find a safe spot to heal yourself by simply pressing the triangle button on the controller. The map in this game has also changed. If the player presses the options button on the controller it will open the map in real time. The player can now place waypoints anywhere on the map. A voice will be heard from the PlayStation controller informing the player that a waypoint has been placed.


The graphics and the visuals are very impressive in the game, such as the way the weather and the lighting effects changes in the game makes it look outstanding. If an enemy shines a light towards solid snake (player), they will become cautious and will investigate further to make sure everything is clear. If snake stands in one position for too long the enemy will climb down and come towards your direction. The graphics are amazing, it enables the player to see details of snakes suit and how the rain runs over it making it look wet as if it were drenched. You are able to see each hair strand on snakes hair and beard, and his facial movements make solid snake a believable character. The environments in the game are just breathtaking, each level is massive and fun to explore, and when it rains you are able to see the effects on the grass, stones and other objects which makes the world look immense. The only criticism I have with the game is the change of actors voice. I felt it ruined the Metal Gear Solid experience. The verdict Even if Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes is a prologue, the game is off to an excellent start, this game is most definitely worth the wait.

The pros of the game

  • The most beautiful game up to date
  • Open world
  • Approach missions in different way


  • The cons of the game
  • No David Hater


Overall, this latest instalment had us drooling and we can’t wait for The Phantom Pain to be released later this year! What did you think of Ground Zeroes? Let us know and be sure to give us a follow to keep up to date with all the latest gaming news!