Polaroid Socialmatic Revolution

December 8, 2014 11:07 AM

Is it a Phone? Is it a Camera? Is it a tablet? No…it’s the Polaroid Socialmatic!

ADR Studio teamed up with Polaroid Corp in 2012 to modernise the now long-standing but archaic Camera known as the Polaroid, still enjoyed today by many Photography enthusiasts that appreciate the nostalgia of the self-developing film device, which usually produced photographs that had a vintage look, Perfect for keepsakes, souvenirs and photo albums when going travelling and as such. However in our forever evolving and developing technology led Society , Polaroid did not want to get left behind and  decided to step up to the mark ; by merging this classic Camera with Android features.

The concept design for the Socialmatic, which revealed the Camera’s body shaped like the Instagram logo, was released since 2012. The original release date was due to be this past Autumn but the shipping target is most likely to be at the close of 2014 or even early 2015.The Camera has gone through several adjustments, they ditched the brown hue of the Instagram logo for a monochrome black or white design, they made it  slimmer, sleeker and more savvy.

This Hybrid device is ram packed with special features, allowing the user to connect to smart phones via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth .Photographs can be shared to Twitter,Instagram anf Facebook using the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi and Android interface, the Social Matic has its own app for editing photos and the user has the ability to download web browsers as it is android powered.

For printouts the printer only holds 10-sheets of paper and produces 2×3 photos, this is quite meagre compared to other Polaroid Cameras which produce 4 x6 prints or even 3 x4, the Socialmatic is more suited to Mobile photographers than Artistic Photography enthusiasts as the  instant Photo function took a backseat, Polaroid put emphasis on the Social Media benefits(Hence the name) by giving each user a personal QR code and each photo a unique QR code, allowing the user to scan codes and view other Socialmatic users photographs ; in essence, creating an exclusive  online hub.

 Polaroid Social Matic Key Features

5-inch touchscreen LCD

14MP sensor

LED Flash

2MP rear-facing Selfie cam

Prints 2×3-inch prints using ZINK printing technology

QR Mood Assistant

GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Micro SD

Android OS

Upon its release, the Socialmatic will be priced at around £196($299) Four versions will be available a 16GB or 32GB of mass storage with Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. Look out for the Socialmatic! At the chance that it is released on time, this would make a perfect gift to hide underneath the Christmas tree.