Review: The Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse

February 10, 2015 2:06 PM

A non-gamer never quite understands the impact a “mouse” can have on a game. Perhaps because it is named after one of the smallest and most harmless of the animal kingdom, people assume it is merely an accessory that one either has or has not. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

cougar 600m


The Cougar 600M gaming mouse is a prime example of why a mouse really does matter when gaming. Its flawless design enables improvement in several key areas as with most gaming mice, but what makes the Cougar extra special is the ease of access and button positioning design. I’ve played with many mice in my time, some of them extremely hardcore with up to 25 different buttons, but none of them have quite compared in utility to the 600M. It has 8 programmable buttons, the perfect amount in my opinion before you start forgetting what every button does, and those buttons are located in precisely the right places to provide optimum usefulness and APM.

Perhaps the best part of the design is on the left hand side of the mouse where they’ve inbuilt a little ledge containing a button exactly where you thumb rests. Next to that, as can be seen in the picture, are two further buttons where your thumb can easily push in. This utility combined with an 8200 DPI gaming sensor and 32-bit ARM with 512 KBs of memory is what gives this mouse an edge over others. It’s no surprise that it is capable of 12000 FPS, a staggering figure, and its loud, vibrant colour makes it the ideal gaming mouse for players at any level – unless of course you hate the colour orange in which case it also comes in black…!