Review: JetFlash 790 Flash Drive

November 26, 2014 4:53 PM

The JetFlash 790 Flash Drive is the perfect device for easy to use manageable storage. With 64 gigabytes you can store almost anything from music and films to work files and important documents reliably. The flash drive itself is extremely light and has a handy little design that allows the USB connector to slide in and out.

jetflash 720

It also comes with the new USB 3.0 upgrade making its connection and download speed super fast. This is biggest benefit of the JetFlash 790 as many of you may remember flash drives a few years ago that took forever to download anything.

Short of buying a hard drive, this USB memory stick is the next best option. It has more than enough memory, which is impressive considering its size, and is the perfect tool for day to day data collection and storage. It is so light that you don’t even know you are carrying it and when attached to your keyring (it has one of these as well), the small size makes it perfect for your pocket.

jetflash 720 flash drive

We highly recommend the JetFlash 790 if you are looking for a flash drive that suits all your purposes in day to day life.

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