Testmodo Competition Winners Give Their Judgement On 4G EE Smartphones

May 28, 2014 4:49 PM

You may have read our previous article about the effect of 4G on smartphone battery life. The test was conducted by three lucky winners of the Testmodo (in conjunction with EE) competition. Each winner received a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a Nokia Lumia 1320 and a HTC One M8. Tech Reviewer has looked at the opinions and analysis of all three testers and has found a few surprising results.



Craig was a huge fan of the HTC One M8

Best Smartphone?

Almost without exception, the HTC One M8 was the favourite smartphone amongst the reviewers. Its stylish design and high quality features, most notably the camera and screen resolution, seem to have been a big winner and whilst there was a lot of love for the Note 3, everyone seemed to prefer the capabilities that the M8 offered them. Interestingly, the Nokia Lumia received the worst reviews across the board. Whilst it was still considered a “good” smartphone, there were things that let it down. The reviewers seemed to be disappointed by the 8MB internal storage and bad screen resolution. It would appear the M8 is crowned the Testmodo winner although with new models being released all the time, both Samsung and Nokia have strong ambitions to reclaim that title.


How viable is EE’s new 4G?


EE’s 4G seems to have been a huge success across the board.

One thing that was universally praised was the 4G capabilities offered by EE in general. All the reviewers remarked on the incredible speeds at which they were able to download music and films on their phones using the 4G network and two of them even stated that 4G had better download speeds than their fibre optic broadband at home – something which we find inexplicable and extremely impressive. We gave EE’s 4G a little test ourselves on the iPhone 5C and can confirm that it is a truly excellent service which has still yet to be successfully matched by other networks.



It seems that the test was a huge success overall. All three reviewers enjoyed every phone they received and the EE and Testmodo collaboration has proven extremely effective in giving us all a bit more information about what smartphone to buy when we next upgrade our contracts. One thing is clear – EE seems to be doing a great job with their 4G network and the different smartphone companies have their work cut out for them to improve their products. This round, however, was won by the HTC One M8.

To see what the competition winners said about each of the products; you can visit the Testmodo results page here.