The Best And The Rest of E3 2014: Part 2

June 12, 2014 7:41 AM

Ok let’s face it. There’s just too many damn good looking games to fit into one overview so here’s another deliciously packed rundown of what’s being demo’d at E3 right now! Click here for Part 1 of the E3 2014 overview.

Far Cry 4

Alex Hutchinson (creative director) and Mark Thompson (narrative director) were present at this year’s E3 to talk us through a 7 minute long demo taken from the newest Far Cry instalment and if the third game was anything to go by, we can’t wait for Far Cry 4 to come at us. We’ve known it was going to be set in the Himalayas for a while now but the map is still impressive on first viewing. The demo itself was crazily good with all the awesomeness of the last game but with exciting upgrades such as a rapid-fire crossbow and a new grapple hook to help climb those nasty Himalayan mountains. As for the much talked about elephants they also made an appearance! So we know what to look forward to most.

Mortal Kombat X

So we all watched the announcement trailer for the new Mortal Kombat when it dropped last week but at this week’s E3 expo, developers revealed a gut-wrenching gameplay demo that had us both grimacing and cheering with delight at the same time. The last Mortal Kombat was a return to fine form for the franchise and it looks like they’ve only got better with the newest edition, most notably with the return of the popular X-ray moves. Sub-Zero and Skorpion were the only recognisable characters so expect to see some fresh faces when the game arrives on consoles. A significant change that has come with this is that you now must choose one of three possible styles for each character that will determine their special moves and outfits. This adds an interesting level of replayability to the game and is one of the things we’re most excited to see how it turns out. There’s also an added ‘Finish Him’ slot which we’re all sure to appreciate when the time comes. Now if only we had Skorpion’s hook to grab that game’s release date that bit closer…

Madden 15

If you’re a defensively minded player then the new improvements to Madden 15 should be right up your street. Developers have added new camera angles to make sure you get the best and most realistic perspective when operating your defence, whether you’re going after the quarterback or shutting down the run. Other than that, there’s not too much to get excited about with the latest NFL game due out late August. They’ve ‘tackled’ the issue of tackling to try and make it more consistent as we all know it can be a game of luck more often than not. The demo promises to allow a more diverse range of tackles which should eliminate that frustration. Check out the trailer for yourself to see what we mean.

Super Smash Bros.

One of the main headliners at E3 this year has been Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U. There were a few interesting announcements, the most notable of which was that Pac-Man, yes you heard us, Pac-Man is the latest addition to the roster with some nostalgically brilliant and retro moves to match. Other developments are that each characters’ special moves are customisable as players can now choose three from twelve options to assign before playing. You will also be able to create Mii fighters of anyone imaginable but only for offline gameplay, to prevent bullying, which is an understandably sensitive move by Nintendo. Can this latest edition bring Nintendo to the console’s Big Dog table? Watch the trailer and judge for yourself.

Dead Island 2

Uh-oh! That nasty zombie-creating infection has spread from the island of Benoi to the state of California and has pretty much devastated the population. It’s ok though. It just means there’s more zombies for us to clean up. The trailer itself doesn’t give away too much but if you do some digging you can find out what goes on in the zombie-ridden Golden State. The combat is still bloody and brutal but with added ‘Fury’ attacks, which are essentially extravagant combos that finish off your enemy, similar to Moral Kombat’s x-ray or ‘finish him moves. Other changes include being able to set the zombies on adversaries that are after your ammo and the addition of dual-wielding weapons which adds even more creativity the visceral slaughter. The game is due to arrive early 2015. Let’s hope it’s as promising as the trailer suggests.

So with one day left of E3, there’s still time for plenty more impressive reveals and announcements. Keep checking back so you’re sure not to miss anything. What games are you most looking forward to? Have we picked the best of the best or are you more excited by Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare? Let us know in the comments section.