The new frontiers of contact centres

December 20, 2019 11:38 AM

How to enhance our customer experience? How to evaluate properly our clients’ feedback? How to increase the ratio of our satisfied clients? How to enforce our customers’ loyalty process? These a only a few of the question that a company (from the small-sized family business to the big international corporation) is bound to face sooner or later. There was a time when the only tools that a company had were a phone number and a mailbox; then emails, text messages, newsletters and newsgroups came over; more recently, the social media era started. Now a new revolution in the management of customers’ inquiries sector is occurring. A revolution able to put all the above mentioned tools in a network and make them work together harmonically.

The United Kingdom seems to be the actual homeland of this process. Many companies located in London or other cities around are working to change dramatically the current pattern of customer experience in the UK. And with its fresh ideas and innovative concepts, the London-based company Odigo (which has other headquarters in Europe) has taken the lead of this specific business sector. Which are the innovations that it brought on the scene that made it possible? We have found five essential points that represent the winning cards put on the table by Odigo.

  • Integration systems. As said before, the system designed by Odigo aims to a total and immersive integration among the several platforms (=do we mean channels ?)involved in the customer (relation?) process. Both the “ancient” forms of customer-company communication and the newest ones are involved, and each one of them is put in the condition to play an apical role. That way, a customer could be able to contact a company by every mean he prefers, and the answer will be rapid and fulfilling anyway.
  • The Odigo system is designed not only to put the customer in the best conditions to get a satisfying response by a company, but also to give the company’s agents the best tools to solve any problem. The system provides for a series of tools (an omnichannel console, a series of customers’ data and insights and a pack of self-service bots able to solve the easier and more common requests), that will make an operator’s work easier and smoother.
  • Every Odigo service is customised for a company’s needs, according to its way to communicate with its customers and its business philosophy.
  • The Artificial Intelligence is an essential part of the process. It helps massively the agents to simplify their everyday routine, in at least two ways. First, it empowers what we call conversational agents, that are  able to solve autonomously the most common and ordinary problems, as well as to answer all the inquiries that don’t require a specific experience or a human interaction.Second, it’s used to analyse every single element of the communication, even the vocal inflections, in order to detect in real time the stress level and the general mood of the customer.
  • Human support. That said, a human interaction always remains an irreplaceable asset. Therefore, Odigo provides for a series of consulting activities, available for every company in order to make their agents aware about the best way to manage a correct customer interaction.