The Nokia Lumia Treasure Tag App: Never Lose Anything Again!

June 13, 2014 1:53 PM
nokia treasure tag app

The Treasure Tag will stop you losing important possessions.

What is the Nokia Treasure Tag App?

Are you prone to losing things? For years there have been devices that would help you find something important if you lost it but nothing has been quite as efficient as the new Treasure Tag App from Nokia. The original devices would often consist of a battery powered black object that if you whistled loudly would make some kind of tweeting noise that would draw you closer to the object until you finally found it. Technology has come on a little way since then and whilst we aren’t quite able to bug someone’s house or car with it, the Treasure Tag App will stop us from losing or leaving behind anything from keys to mobiles. You can even attach the tag to yourself and it lets you know when you are about to go out of range of anything that should be located in your pocket and not down the back of the sofa.

In the video above, Nokia shows how its current Lumia smartphone will chime as the person is about to exit the room without her keys. The Treasure Tag App essentially takes the original whistling technology to the next step by not only helping you find things you’ve lost but by preventing you from losing them in the first place. This new development is just one of the great things that the Nokia Lumia 1520 has brought out in the new device. One of the most popular advances has been the wireless charging capabilities. For all those nights when you are just too tired/forgetful to plug your phone in – you needn’t worry any more. Just put your phone down on the wireless charging pad and it will do all the hard work for you.

It’s great to see Nokia taking some initiative and presenting some new technology for the smartphone markets. With these new developments, they have managed to maintain their position as a forerunner of mobile technology. With the new Treasure Tag App, let’s hope they don’t lose this!

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