The Smartphone Watch Is Here!

December 2, 2013 9:54 PM

Smartphone watch

Technology is advancing so quick in this day and age, its getting hard to keep up with–even for me, a 21 year old. There seems to be a new gadget, phone, or piece of software out daily and when I first saw a smartphone watch, even I stopped and said: what!

The Pebble E ink watch allows you to have notifications, email alerts, apps and music, all on your wrist via it’s blue-tooth link from a smartphone (Android or IPhone only. Sorry Blackberry owners). Its screen uses E Ink technology, which is the same as that of a Kindle or e-reader, so it can be seen in sunlight and is also customizable as you can download different interfaces. Those who do a lot of running or cycling may find it especially practical, as the apps mean it can be used as a data monitor while out and about, informing you of things like speed, distance and pace. Unlike a normal watch, this one comes with a USB cable to charge it and the company who made, and have promoted them, (Kickstarter) have said that 7 days or more is its average battery life. It comes shatter proof, scratch-resistant and water-resistant, within reason upon request of its users. As well as any other Bluetooth-using device linked to your phone, it may also reduce your phone battery life by between 5% and 10% each day depending on usage.

Social Media watch

As for style, it comes in at least 3 different colours to suite women and mens tastes, although the shape is the same with each. However, Kickstart have ensured that the watch is designed to fit on most 22mm bands, so the strap could be changed easily if you don’t like it.

But what does this mean for technology? Will it take-off like smartphones themselves did when first introduced? Well, until it’s fully out there, it seems to be getting mixed reviews. Some think it will be huge and everyone will want one while others think, why pay the money when you already have a phone for such things. Some consider it not very stylish while others believe it looks smart and suitable to the 21st century. My opinion is that it’s a gadget that might come in handy for a range of different people, such as those who keep their phones in lockers at work or who do a lot of sports, so it does have the potential to be something amazing.

All we can ask ourselves now is where can technology go from here? Hover-boots maybe? I guess time will tell. Although the sky may be the limit, for now, one things for certain; this truly is the first watch of its kind.