ToMyCar App – Europcar Brings Technology To Car Hire

April 9, 2015 1:18 PM

Europcar have released a new App entitled ToMyCar which allows travellers who intend to hire cars at airports to do so without any of the usual hustle and bustle that is normally required. Launched on March 16th 2015, 35 Volkswagen Golfs fitted out with the new technology have been made available to rent at London Heathrow, Manchester and Edinburgh airports as well as at London ExCel.

ToMyCar App (5)

All the details of your car rental will be displayed in the App.


For just £12 more than the usual price of hiring a Golf, customers will be able to unlock and drive their cars without any hassle of having to visit a counter once in the airport. Each of the cars has been fitted with a Keyzee box which, once the customer has downloaded the app, will connect with their smartphone and through a Bluetooth connection can unlock and start your car as soon as your arrive at the airport.


The App will connect to your rental car via Bluetooth.


ToMyCar App Features:

The app and Keyzee box have several very handy features made available to the user. You are able to take pictures of any damage or missing items on the car before you rent it, ensuring you don’t get charged for something that isn’t your fault and similarly you can take pictures afterwards if you have had an accident, meaning that you don’t have to wait for someone to come and look round the car when you return it. This is just one part of the most impressive feature of ToMyCar which is, of course, the time saving ability. Nobody wants to spend ages dealing with hiring a car once they get to an airport, and likewise when they are returning their car so the app really does make sense in terms of time management and ease of access.


Log any unseen damage to the car before you start your journey.


Another great feature that ToMyCar offers is unlimited WiFi. With this comes a navigation system using the latest satellite technology to ensure you can get wherever you are going without any hassle. The added WiFi is also something which, whilst small, has the potential to be extremely useful, especially to those travelling in foreign countries where using data packages is expensive. It almost seems bizarre, that in the modern world it has taken this long for a company to insert WiFi into their cars and so it is a relief to see that Europcar have claimed this milestone.


Lock and unlock your car from the App.


The App itself is very easy to use and gives straight forward instructions on how to access your car. It is best to prepare your car rental before you travel to avoid any disappointment and to ensure that you have all the correct details entered. Other than that, make sure your phone is charged and enjoy the freedom and time-saving bliss that is Europcar’s ToMyCar App!