Top 6 Android Apps In 2018

April 26, 2018 5:27 PM

The world as know it is littered with millions of apps for android devices and many more have already been released this year, while this is not a bad thing it makes it a daunting task when choosing what app to download. It’s hard to pick the efficient and effective ones from the lot. That is where we aim to help. In no particular order, this article will chronicle the top 6 apps for 2018

  1. Google Maps: Looking for the best navigating app with easy to use features? Look no further than google maps. It is absolutely free.
  2. SwiftKey: This is one of the hottest third-party keyboards available on the android platform. It comes for free but there are in-app purchases.
  3. YouTube: No contest, YouTube is the best video streaming app out there. It is free but with in-app purchases
  4. Google Play Music: Just like YouTube, Google Play music is arguably the best music streaming app for android devices. It is also free but contains in-app purchases.
  5. Pocket Casts: In search of the best podcast app for android devices, you are most definitely searching for Pocket casts. It is the most reliable app for streaming or downloading podcasts. It costs $3.99.
  6. Whatsapp: This is a top tier instant messaging application that also allows free voice and video calling. Utilized by over 1 billion people, this app is a must have. It is downloadable for free.

There you have it! As was mentioned before, there are a lot of apps for android phones out there, hopefully this list partly fixes the problem of choosing what apps to download. So, the next time you’re browsing through your app store, it will be worth your while to download this apps and marvel at both their simplicity and awesomeness.

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