Two Touchscreen Tables Perfect For Online Betting

September 5, 2015 9:25 AM

One of the most wonderful things about living in an age of accelerating technological advancement is being able to witness the stuff of science fiction becoming a reality. Things that once only existed within the universes of Philip K. Dick and George Lucas, are now readily available to buy. From mobile phones to robots, it appears that nothing yet has proven so fantastical within science fiction to not have become an eventual reality. The latest of these fictional technologies to come to fruition is the touchscreen table. Originally confined to alien motherships, this revolutionary unit can now be installed in your own living room.


One of most popular utilisations of this new technology is real-money betting. Real-money betting websites are one of the fastest growing digital industries in the world. These websites offer authentic, extensive and reactive odds – complete with visual representations and accurate statistics from for ATP tennis tour to F1 Grand Prix and Premier League betting.

But which two touchscreen tables are best to take advantage of these money spinning websites? To answer this we have compared the two most popular models on the market.

Samsung SUR40

The Samsung SUR40 measures an impressive 1095x704mm with a 40-inch 1080p multi-touch screen across its surface. It is an equally imposing 736mm tall. An interesting note, however, is that the screen can be detached from the legs and placed upon a wall. Therefore, you can also use this impressive piece of kit as an interactive television screen which is ideal for displaying a betting app besides a live stream of the action for some reactive punting.

Another unique feature which is not available on traditional larger tablets is the ability of the SUR40’s touch-screen to handle multiple-users. Therefore, if someone wants to unwind placing a bet or two but another wishes to check their email, the SUR40 is capable of allowing both users to control a section of the screen.

The SUR40 screen is made using gorilla glass which is both scratch and shatter resistant. Indeed, the screen feels both sturdy and firm to touch and it proved impossible to exert enough pressure to feel that this was compromised.

Another pleasant surprise was the lack of smudging caused. This is a massive issue with other similar devices. The display is crisp and clear, whilst the reaction to touch was the perfect mix of precision and sensitivity. However, certain displays revealed a fair amount of pixilation and the positioning of the scrolling app bar occasionally caused unintentional activation of unwanted programmes through accidental brushing.

Sleek Multi-Touch Table

This sturdy touch-screen table by Black Box AV is built into a stand. Designed primarily for retail use but available to all, the Sleek Multi-Touch Table is a much simpler and streamlined option than the SUR40. Buyers are able to choose between a 32”, 42” or 55” size screen and the table unit comes in black or white.

Due to the product being designed for commercial use, the table can be used by up to six people at once. That far exceeds the SUR40 in this regard. Therefore, when using this product for real-money betting, you could literally set-up a betting shop from the comfort of your own living room.

Whilst the image is not quite as sharp as the SUR40, the screen is equally smudge and scratch resistant. However, the in-built speakers mean that the Sleek Multi-Touch table offers much better sound than its rivals. This is perfect for creating a more immersive viewing experience when watching streamed sporting events.

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