VR Technology Is The Future Of Gaming

February 22, 2017 12:19 PM

It’s no secret that game development companies have been investing huge sums over the last few years to finally introduce effective Virtual Reality into gaming. This is not just limited to classic video games, but has also been attracting great interest from online casinos too. Now that the technology to effectively power a high quality gaming experience is here – and increasingly widespread – it’s expected to become much more mainstream in the next couple of years. So how will VR change the way we enjoy our gaming, and how should we expect it to be implemented.

High Powered, Portable Technology

Key to making VR a success is going to be streamlining the user experience by avoiding heavy, clunky headsets and the need to power games directly from consoles or PCs. Industry experts predict that it’s very likely indeed that VR will soon be rolled out that is powered purely from a contemporary smartphone – probably with the addition of a portable, rechargeable battery pack to add extra power. As for the headset, we’ve already seen the potential in smart glasses. Give it a couple more years and it’s very possible that VR will be playable on similar sized lightweight devices.

The portability aspect is key as it will also deliver vast potential to many ‘live’ smartphone games. Remember the extraordinarily popular Pokemon Go last year? Games such as this which interact live in the players surroundings will very likely be the next big step in video gaming – and it’ll all be thanks to VR.

Incredible Potential For Online Casinos

Online casino gaming has always been right at the forefront of developing web based gaming, and there’s no sign of that changing any time soon. All of the major development companies have been working on how to bring a virtual casino experience to life – and so far there’s very simple games and even a dedicated website already running. The dream is that major companies such as Royal Vegas Online Casino will soon be using high quality virtual reality as their patrons play slot games for real money.

In many ways the online casino dimension serves also to demonstrate how VR can theoretically bring a huge social aspect to gaming that will be quite unlike what players currently enjoy. Imagine the fun to be had not just having a few games of interactive slots – but also flinging craps with groups of strangers all interacting with each other just like a true Vegas style casino. Developing this social dimension has literally been the Holy Grail of online casinos for a couple of decades now – and VR may well hold the solution.

Virtual Reality Will Revolutionize Social Play

Currently VR is still very much a single player experience. Sure there are games where players can interact with others, but the best releases have been those that encourage a much more individualistic experience. Yet just like the casinos, video game developers have invested so much money in developing this next great leap forward in the gaming experience that they will never give up on finally cracking the social dimension of gaming. Imagine the likes of Skyrim or similar huge role playing games – yet performed with even greater immersion and freedom. Mark my words it may not arrive this decade, but won’t be long coming into the next!

Referring back to an earlier point, it’s almost certain that VR headsets will be included in smartphone contracts/bundles within two or three next releases. This is because virtual reality offers a huge potential market for monetizing gaming within demographics who may currently pay little or no attention. The same will also be the case with cable TV packages as the price of the technology continues to fall.

All in all it’s exciting times to be a gamer – so here’s to the future!