Want to start your own business? Gadgets and technology to consider

December 6, 2018 2:22 PM

So, you’ve got the idea, have dealt with all of the legal aspects and have even settled on your branding. Your new business might be coming together nicely, but have you thought about what technology you’ll need?

Technology is an essential tool within any business and when you’re starting out, it can help you to leverage limited capital. Here are some of the technological gadgets and solutions that you can use to your advantage.

High-speed Internet access

If you’re starting your own business, access to the Internet is vital from the word go. A slow Internet connection hinders productivity and will be too limiting for your business.

With new developments in fibre optics, Internet speeds could become 100 times faster and used to upgrade existing networks, reports The Guardian. Therefore, opting for fibre optic broadband could help you to keep up to date with future technologies.

High-speed Internet enables you to keep up with your new customers, check emails and enjoy heightened efficiency, all of which can help to power your new business’s growth. It also leaves your business well-placed to embrace other technologies.

Embrace the cloud

While you may not fully understand just how the cloud works, there’s no denying the benefits it can have for a new business. Cloud-based solutions offer great flexibility – meaning that when the time comes, it’s easy for your business to grow – and take the stress away from having to back up files onto multiple hard drives.

To get up and running, you’ll need to put a lot of work in, no matter where you are. The cloud means you can access your information anywhere, at any time and on any device, provided that you have an Internet connection. You’ll know that costs can be high when starting a new business, so the cloud is worth considering because it’s cheaper than using local servers, says The Telegraph.

Get equipped with the right gadgets

When you are starting your own business, you will need the right equipment to do the job. A business laptop is a good option due to its mobility, which means you can work ‘on the go’. You should look for laptops that are powerful and allow for good connection, but with strong battery life.

A smartphone can be your best friend. The development of smartphones over the past few years means that they now can act as mini laptops, letting you check emails, carry out work ‘on the go’ and gain access to the internet. They are also a great way to streamline communication.

VoIP systems

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has become a major technology player in the business world, replacing older landline systems by making calls over the Internet. With a Planet Numbers hosted VoIP system, mobile phones can be integrated to make your communications streamlined.

Starting your own business can sometimes mean you lack the funds and staff to compete against other businesses. However, VoIP puts you on a level playing field. International calls become easier, you can take calls out of the office and growth is possible through VoIP’s scalability. It even transcribes messages, so you can focus on important business tasks rather than tedious ones.