What Conditions To Consider When Buying Rugged Tech

March 19, 2015 4:57 PM

In the not too distant past, you could only use computers in certain environments, like offices and homes. Now, things are very different. People’s work and lifestyles increasingly require them to access devices ranging from laptops and tablets to sophisticated smartphones when they’re on the move. And it’s not only in hotel rooms and coffee shops that such mobile technology is needed; there is growing demand for robust devices that can withstand harsh conditions. This is where rugged technology comes into its own. By purchasing devices that are specially designed to cope with extreme environments, it’s possible to open up a whole range of computing possibilities. There’s certainly no shortage of rugged tech items to choose from, but if you’re to benefit from the best outcomes, it’s vital that you know what to look for.

computer outside

Specialist use

If you’re after products that can survive the rigours of tropical rainforests, freezing tundra, combat scenarios or other extreme situations, you’ll need highly specialised technology. Before you start searching for devices, make sure you know the precise details of the environments in which you’ll be operating. Rugged technology specialists such as GRiD Defence Systems provide detailed information on the conditions that their products are able to cope with.

For example, you can get the lowdown on the highest and lowest temperatures for operating and storing devices, as well as the limits for altitudes, vibrations, humidity, rain, sand and dust, solar radiation and more. Before you commit to buying a particular product, make sure it’s specifications match each and every one of your requirements.

Bear in mind that if you can’t find a device that meets all of your needs, you can request bespoke products that are tailored to your individual requirements.

General conditions

If your needs are not this specific or advanced, there are more general features that you should look out for. For example, because you’ll be using this technology on the go, it’s important that it’s able to withstand being dropped. Immunity from shock is therefore something to prioritise.

Most users are also after at least a reasonable level of waterproofing. Whether you spill a drink on the devices or you get caught in a rain shower, you don’t want your laptop or tablet to stop working. As a basic requirement, you might want your tech to be protected from sprays of water from any direction and for it to be able to cope with rain and blowing rain.

For outdoor use, sunlight-readable screens are also a must as ordinary screens can be almost illegible in strong sunshine. Think about the size and weight of these products too. If you’ll be carrying them around a lot, you’ll need light, highly portable versions. A long battery life is another important feature.

By buying rugged tech that’s suited to the conditions you’ll use it in, you can help ensure it functions perfectly and stands the test of time.

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