What’s On TV? There’s An App For That

July 21, 2019 10:39 AM

The world is changing pretty fast and it is becoming a better place to live in than it was a few decades ago. It is now possible to use an app to not only control the TV but also to know what is being aired on the television to watch. All you need is a video streaming device, which you can plug into your set or invest in a smart TV. This article is a small TV Guide App which looks at the applications that will let you know what is on TV at the click of a button.

1. AccuWeather

The app is designed to help you get the weather forecast at the press of a button. It will avail all the information you need to know about the weather. It will give details on the temperature and the rain pattern for the day or the entire week. The app will also show on your TV screen the animated radar maps, forecast charts, and weather report. These are big charts that provide weather reports that can easily be understood. The premium version of the app allows you to access long-range forecasts and the extra radar. Also, it will let you access extra historical data.

2. News360

It gives those who don’t like watching cable news a chance to catch up with the latest updates. It compiles the latest clips for you from sources such as Bloomberg, The Guardian, and Reuters. Also, the app personalizes the news to allow you to choose to watch topics that are relevant. It gives you a chance to assess the topics and the stories to watch. It allows you to browse through and queue the news video you have selected. News 360 app will enable you to search the category or jump to top stories. It summarises the news in a big and bold text on your large TV screen. The app is free but is only available on Android TV.

 2. Kodi

The platform is considered the best for anyone wanting to stream from home devices. It features add-ons which give the user access to unlimited streaming services from across the globe. Some of the legit sites you will be able to stream include BBC, IPlayer, Fox Sports and many more.  Also, the app will let you watch movies, cable and international TV free of charge.

3. The Next Episode app

It a popular TV-tracking app that will make watching TV fun. It enables the viewers to save their favorite shows at a click of a button. It will also keep you updated on shows that were aired recently and those that are coming up. It is easier to use and comes with widgets. Also, the app will help you track the time you spend watching the shows.

Indeed we are living in an era that allows us to have nothing but the best from the TV. It is an age that gives viewers top entertainment from a variety of providers. You no longer have to limit yourself to four channels. The TV apps will select the best show for you. They will keep you updated on shows are currently running and those that are coming up.