WWYP or What Would You Print ?

January 12, 2014 2:33 PM

Gone are the days of the old fashioned printing where if you wanted a page printed from your computer, you would hook the PC Box and Printer together.  We slowly moved on to wireless printing with the introduction of iPad’s and Smart tablet devices and now a further step has been taken in the world of printing.

Sit back and imagine, what would you print if you had access to a 3D printer? If you could print anything in the world in 3D, what would be top of your list? Would you choose something simple like a cellphone, a smart device, a gaming system?  Just think, with the 3D Printer you could take everything to a whole new level including LARPing. What would your friends think if you turned up to a LARP match and you were like, here’s our new uniforms I whipped on my new 3D Printer?

Or would you take it to the next level and print something extreme off as the British Royal Air Force have? With the introduction of the 3D printers, the British Royal Air Force have discovered that if they use the printers and print off parts for their fighter jets then they could save up to $1.64 million dollars over the next five years in costs.

This amount came out of a recent testing where in late December the British Royal Air Force decided to put the 3D printer to use and print out , yes you read right –print out parts for the fighter jet.  Items that were printed included: protective covers for the cockpit radios and guards for the power take-off shafts.  Reading a report that the BBC released was that by printing out the 3D parts, the fighter jet surprisingly worked wonders and that the costs were as cheap as $140.

With the achievement of this test and trial, there have been rumours that even the United States military is looking to get on with the 3D printing action and create guns and military armour for their soldiers heading to war.

Just think, with the 3D Printer you could take everything to a whole new level and ultimately save a lot of money which could be seen spent elsewhere like on the new Google glasses which seem like a fun idea which I have been eyeing up.